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Loli Designs

This is a very challenging and pivotal time for so many people and so many small businesses.  We love supporting local and wanted to do our part in showcasing some fantastic small businesses.



This week we are speaking with 11 year old Talia, the creative mind behind  Loli Sweet Designs.  This mother-daughter team creates and sells unique gift ideas. Loli Sweet Designs was birthed this spring. out of the Pandemic. Talia wanted to keep busy while home this past March, so she asked her mom if she would help her make her a wristlet keychain with her sewing machine. It turned out really well, so they decided to sell them for fun.  Then they added more items. They opened an Etsy page, a Facebook account and an Instagram account and before they knew it they had 950 Etsy sales plus additional sales from Facebook and friends and family. Loli Sweet Designs is based out of Coquitlam but they ship all across Canada.


Loli Designs


What made you choose this type of business?

I like art and being creative. I am always drawing and trying to make things for my friends and family. 

What is your favourite small business (aside from your own)?

My favorite small business is my mom’s friend Danielle. My mom showed me her page when she first opened her shop and her stuff is so pretty. She makes wreaths and decorations. Her page’s name is Woodland and Willow


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Take a chance and try it! I was so scared when I started out, that I wouldn’t sell anything. 


If applicable, has your business been negatively affected by COVID19? If so how have you coped?

COVID has kinda helped me.  I made myself a mask lanyard to help my brother and I. We kept dropping our masks. It holds our masks secure and if it slips off our face, it wont drop to the floor. Laynards have been our big seller!


What are your long term business goals?

I hope to keep coming up with ideas for my shop and for my mom to help me grow it. I hope one day my items will be available in stores around the world.


What are you most looking forward to with the launch of your new business? 

I am most looking forward to seeing happy customers using my products. I made a shadow box one time and the customer kept telling us how beautiful it was and how it made his sister smile.  That made me so happy. 



What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable experience with a customer or client?

We had a customer ask us for a big order. My mom and I thought hat maybe they wanted 10 or 20 lanyards, but they actually ended up ordering 350 of them. We stayed up so late making them – it was a lot of fun too!


.Loli Designs

Thank you to Talia and Silvia (mom)  for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday. What an inspiring story! It makes me wonder what my daughter and I can team up to do too!

I loved this story!. In the midst of a pandemic it is nice to find good things coming out of it.  How we all adapt and find things that work for us in the “new norm” and how we make the best out of the situation!

Wishing Talia lots of success! I am sure this is just the beginning of her future in business!

If you are looking for creative gift ideas this local business has some great items!

If you are a business owner interested in participating please email


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