Small Business Sunday with Project Queen YEG

Project Queen YEG

With the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, I have decided to bring back Small Business Sundays! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to support them however we can.

Project Queen YEG

Just because Christmas and New Years are now over, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the latest trend that has hit the market! Hot chocolate bombs are tasty and are a perfect treat after a long day playing outside (because, lets be honest, we can’t really do much of anything else these days!), or while you are cuddled up watching movies with your loved ones.

Project Queen YEG is a new home-based business in Edmonton, specializing in “Instagram worthy” hot chocolate bombs.

What is Unique About Your Business or What Made You Choose This Type of Business?

Projects have always been my jam, I have dabbled in projects from renovations to DIY crafts – you name it. I started making simple hot chocolate bombs after I noticed the popular Instagram craze, I mean who doesn’t LOVE hot chocolate – especially in the winter. Over time, my mind started thinking of new ideas to make my bombs more fun and releasing new flavour combinations. I took a chance and started selling them thinking they would be great stocking stuffers, and the response was incredible! What makes my business unique is my customer service and combination release. I take a ton of pride hearing reactions from satisfied customers!

What is Your Favourite Small Business (aside from your own)?

Oh wow – this is a tough one, so many amazing companies! My friend has a great business called Greatest Adventure Creatives and Portage and Main – Cutest clothes for kids!

If You Had One Piece of Advice to Someone Just Starting Out, What Would it Be?

GO FOR IT! I have tested out so many business ideas in the past, which almost stopped me from starting mine. I am so glad I trusted my gut knowing they were going to be popular!

Project Queen YEG

What Are Your Long-Term Business Goals?

I would like to continue doing hot chocolate bombs and creating new and unique flavours to release. For right now, I am happy with the path the business is on but releasing new flavours will help with re-orders.

What is Your Funniest/Weirdest/Most Memorable Experience With a Customer or Client?

All of my customers have been AMAZING so far – Because I have just started, I don’t have any crazy stories yet. I had a friend post about an order on her Facebook though and I immediately was KILLED with messages for orders. This was pretty memorable for me, to know that people saw value in what I was creating.

If you want to get your hands on some of these amazing hot chocolate bombs, you can connect with Project Queen YEG on Facebook or Instagram or you can email Christina at to order your own hot chocolate bombs!

Thank you, Christina, from Project Queen YEG for participating in Small Business Sunday.

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