Small Business Sunday with Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacs

Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacks

This is a very challenging time for so many people and so many small businesses. We love supporting local and wanted to do our part in showcasing some fantastic small businesses.


Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacs.

This week we are speaking with Michelle and Frouwke, the two-person team behind Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacks.  They are based out of Abbotsford, BC but ship world-wide. They make custom sleep sacks with six different fabric types (Muslin, Bamboo, Cotton Knit, Flannel, Fleece and Plush – in order of coolest to warmest. They make sleep sacs for every season. They make every size, from Premie to ADULT! Sleep sacks keep kids safely in cribs or beds longer!

You can find Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacks on Instagram and  Facebook.


What is unique about your business?

Well, we cater a lot to kiddos who are 1+ years old, because as we all know, sleep sacks become harder to find as they get bigger. We’ve also made sacks for breastfeeding Moms (keep Momma warm while allowing for easy nursing access!), dolls, kiddos with special needs, kiddos with leg braces, older siblings…. you name it!

Frouwke has been sewing for years and making sacks for years, and when she met Michelle, they decided to take the business online! Frouwke loves what she does, and they both love working with customers to make sure they get exactly what they need.

What is your favourite small business (aside from your own)?

Tough to choose! We LOVE So Luxury (especially their cocoa oat bath), I Luv It deodorant, and Minimocs/Hey Folks to name a few!

.Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacks

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Find a product you love and are passionate about, and if you’re going to work with someone, make sure you really enjoy one another’s company and have clear expectations.


What are your long term business goals?

We’ve started offering different styles of sacks, such as ones with feet and/or arms, and are trying our hand at some swaddles too. We’re both excited for COVID to settle so we can go fabric shopping again! That’s long term, right? Haha

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable experience with a customer or client?

As mentioned, we love working with customers. Our favorite memories are really when we hear from customers about how much they or their kids love the sacks. We have customers who have purchased a dozen sacks over the years, and it seriously just makes us so proud!

Sew Dutch Lady Sleep Sacks


Thank you to Michelle and Frouwke for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday.

If you are a business owner interested in participating please email


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