Small Business Sunday with Smallprint Vancouver North

We are currently in the thick of staying-at-home and focusing on social distancing. This is a very challenging time for so many people and so many small businesses. We love supporting local and wanted to do our part in showcasing some fantastic small businesses every week.

This week we are showcasing Smallprint Vancouver North. Smallprint Vancouver North specializes in capturing the fingerprints, hand/footprints, drawings and actual handwriting of your loved ones handcrafted sterling silver keepsake jewllery. All my work is hand made by myself in my home studio in North Vancouver and I hand engrave each piece with your loved ones name and age.

What is unique about your business or What made you choose this type of business?

After I had my eldest daughter (Sophia) I had a post delivery complication where the doctors said I might not be able to have any further kids, because of that I was obsessed in capturing everything I could as she grew. Luckily after many surgeries and hormone therapies I was able to have my second daughter (Serina) naturally and once again I found myself wanting to capture the memories. I cherish all the keepsakes that I made with my girls but they were never something that I could have with me all the time, they were something on a wall, in a book or in a box. With my work I was able to keep something that was truly unique to them with me at all times! I love being able to capture loved ones actual prints and to allow them to preserve their memories for others and to allow them to carry their loved ones close to their hearts as well! What is unique with what I do is that I capture your loved ones actual touch directly in silver with my Original Fingerprints. I also capture your little ones hand and footprints with my magic inkless printkits, what makes them magic is that they are mess free (no ink) and instantly capture their prints with great detail and I transfer those actual prints onto the silver keepsakes.

What is your favourite small business (aside from your own)?

I have been able to meet so many amazing people through being a mom and through my work. Kahlena movement studio is my one of my favorite places to take the girls and get them interested in Yoga. Roll Jujitsu Academy is also amazing when it comes to teaching little ones and I love their philosophy and how they empower my girls! I find Weepeek prenatal amazing as they are a mobile 3D scan facility, I wish I knew about them when I was pregnant!

Smallprint North Vancouver bracelet

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Trust yourself and believe in yourself. When I started out I had a dream but did not know where to begin. I just kept going and trying different tactics and approaches, when one didn’t work.. I didn’t give up. I always remember what Dory says from Finding Nemo …” Just keep swimming” … and I keep telling myself .. Just keep going.. Just keep going… and I did!

What are your long term business goals?

Because of the uniqueness of what I do, I often meet so many amazing individuals and I get invited to capture very special milestones in their lives and become part of their story. These times are often happy ones: newborns, christenings, weddings as well as the first time they write their names or draw a special picture. But I am often there in the sad times as well, when their loved ones pass away and I capture their prints (fingerprints, hand/foot and even paw prints!). I often find that my work helps keep loved ones close even when they are no longer there. It is these stories that often linger with me the most and make me feel blessed to be able to help my clients through these times. I would be honored to be part of the story of all those in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland!

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable experience with a customer or client?

This is tough, I have so many I can mention! One that comes to mind right away is when I was creating a special keepsake for a grandfather that was celebrating his 70th birthday. One of his children had reached out to me and had booked an appointment with me at my home studio for all the grand children to come to my home so that I can capture their handprints to create a special keepsake for their grandfather. That day I had almost 15 people in my studio to capture their prints, there was 3 generations in my home and I had the honor to capture their prints for one special grandfather!

Smallprint North Vancouver bracelet

Thanks for Smallprint Vancouver North for participating in Small Business Sunday.

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