3 Sentimental Necklaces to Gift to Any Mama

This is not a sponsored post.

Shopping for others can be very challenging. It can make things harder if it is someone that you are not especially close to or someone that you feel already has everything they already wanted. If you want to get something for the mama-to-be and not specifically for the baby a necklace is a great idea.

Image from Amber Theresa Photography

Dibbidy Designs

The maker behind Dibbidy Designs is a mom of one with a full-time job. A friend taught her how to make jewelry when they were kids, and thus her obsession began! She loves finding unique pieces and turning them into beautiful and enviable jewelry.


Image from Smallprint

Smallprint Vancouver North

The maker behind Smallprint Vancouver North is Mahnaz. She has two kiddos, ages 18 months and 4 years and understands how fast kids grow up and how special it is to capture a moment in time. Smallprint has a beautiful range of silver keepsakes featuring the fingerprint, hand or footprint, writing or drawings of your loved one. Prints can be taken at any age, babies to adults.

Image from Mint and Birch

Mint and Birch

Jessica is the mama behind Mint & Birch. She is a wife, mama of soon-to-be 5, and mental health advocate. Jewelry design began as a hobby: She would create pieces of jewellery for herself and for friends. Although Mint & Birch is successful and ships tens of thousands of necklaces worldwide, she has not forgotten what it is that roots and grounds this space.


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