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Edmonton welcomes guests on February 16 at 12 noon, to experience the new science centre. It is the public’s first chance to explore all the newly expanded, and reimagined spaces. The celebration continues throughout the Family Day weekend with science activities and demonstrations.

“We are thrilled to open incredible new science experiences for Edmontonians and Albertans. Your NEW science centre will provide innovative and exciting opportunities to educate our next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors and more. The last couple of years have truly shown society how vital science is, and we are privileged to be able to help our community learn in a fun, exciting and engaging atmosphere” said Alan Nursall, President & CEO at TELUS World of Science – Edmonton.


We were invited this morning for a sneak preview of the new and improved museum before it opened to the public at noon. We ended up spending 5 hours there…with a 2 and 4 year old…without fighting! So to say the least, it is AWESOME! The new Health Zone is right as you come in. We ditched our coats in a locker and made our way in. Right as you come in is The Lab. We spent over an hour in this part alone. You get to wear lab coats and do experiments! Mixing colours and making volcanos (without a mess on your own counter!) Kids over 8 (or moms that are science nerds like me) can check out your own cheek cells under the microscope.

science science science

Next is the rest of the Health Zone where you can see and hear your heartbeat, see how flexible you are, test your balance, see how high you can jump, and more. It is an interactive exhibit for all ages. Learn about the human body, medical tests, and disease transmissions.


With a quick snack break in the snack area (you can bring your own snacks!), we were off to explore the rest of the science centre! There are the old favourites like Curiosity and the Science Garage with new activities added. We checked out the planets in the Zeidler Dome and then played in the moon rover, pretending to be finding our own moon rocks. Shooting rockets, climbing treehouses, splashing in water, there is no shortage of fun for all ages!

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New and Recently Reimagined Spaces

Visitors can explore the new Health Zone in the Allard Family Gallery. Here guests will be placed at the centre of their own health stories. Through hands-on experiences and experiments they can test their flexibility, and leg power plus see and hear their heartbeat, look at their own veins or grab a lab coat and do a DNA extraction in our very own LAB (Learning about Biology).

The new Galaxy Gift Shop with rising ceilings, glass walls and white finishes, has a futuristic and modern spacious feel and look. A prominent feature is the ceiling with a tie-in to icebergs inspired by the Arctic Journey gallery (opens Summer 2022). Guests will engage their inner scientist with science-inspired gifts, gadgets, games, books, eco-gifts, mementos, jewelry, educational and science toys, Do-It-Yourself Science Kits (created by TELUS World of Science) and an array of other curiosities and collectibles. Alongside science-inspired products the Gift Shop supports local and Indigenous artisans, featuring products from JACEK Chocolate Couture (Sherwood Park), Crystal Driedger Studios (Sherwood Park) and more.

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Also, through the Aurora Project, the science centre recently reimagined and opened additional new spaces. CuriousCITY, S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, The Nature Exchange, The Science Garage, and the Zeidler Dome have all been either newly created or substantially reimagined.



Your New Science Centre has always been one of Alberta’s most engaging attractions where visitors of all ages have had fun while they learned-through-play.

New Experiences

  • During your visit you will enter a grand mezzanine into our magnificent new lobby.
  • The new Health Zone where you can test your flexibility and leg power or do your own DNA extraction in the hands-on L.A.B. area.
  • The newly reimagined Science Garage where you can design, create, test and tinker with astonishing feats of engineering and technology.
  • A trip to the Moon and see a real Moon rock or command your own lunar lander in the newly reimagined S.P.A.C.E. Gallery.
  • Science in your own backyard in the newly opened Nature Exchange,
  • A mini-Edmonton, for children under 6 years of age, in CuriousCITY where a skyline of Edmonton landmarks are built to form a treehouse pathway your youngest explorer will love.
  • A seat at the edge of the Universe in the world-leading Zeidler Dome Theatre and embark on an incredible cosmic journey across galaxies and to the core of an atom.
  • Breathtaking images and amazing stories with always new IMAX films.
  • Explosive, live experiments on the science stage
  • Our quirky new Galaxy Gift Shop, a truly unique shopping experience that is sure to incite inquisitive minds.

science science science

Health Zone

Your health story starts with your genes, but they are not the whole story of you… Health Zone takes you through some of the different factors that influence your health. The gallery is divided into five zones with hands-on exhibits that let you explore:

  • Biology – find out how genes and microbes influence your health.
    See how immune cells react when germs get inside your body. Find out about some of the healthy microbes that call your body home.
  • Choices – the small choices you make every day add up in a big way over time.
    Try some different techniques to cope with stress. Test your flexibility, balance, and leg power as you find out how physical activity supports your health.
  • Environment – where you live, work, and play influences your health.
    Find out about ways that infections spread. Try to control an epidemic. Learn more about COVID-19 globally and how researchers and healthcare workers in Edmonton are involved in stopping the spread.
  • Healthcare – healthcare supports you when you need it.
    See your skin in a different way under a microscope. Look at what diagnostic imaging tools reveal. Use the vein finder to see the vein pattern in your hands.
  • L.A.B. (Learning About Biology) – put on a lab coat and try some lab techniques.
    You can extract your DNA from your cheek cells, try to identify a mystery bacteria using special tests, or check out one of the other hands-on programs.

science science science

Tickets are on sale now!

For more information about Your NEW Science Centre and to buy tickets, visit


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