23 Super Easy Ideas for Mommy “Me Time”

Mom me time

Let’s face it, mom life is a busy life. With all the good, bad, crazy, awesome, and tired times it encompasses, it sure doesn’t leave a lot of time for putting mom first. It’s easy to think mommy me time is a fantasy…

Mommy Me Time is Crucial

It is vitally important to try and make some time for yourself. Mommy “me time” is key for us all.

To avoid burning out, losing ourselves, snapping or being just too tired that you cannot function, these are all great reasons for finding some simple ways to spend some time on you, and just you. Being a healthier version of yourself includes being a happier version where you still feel like yourself. Your family will benefit from it as well.

Finding Time for Me Time is Impossible. But is it?

As moms, we have the age old excuse of saying things like “well I have no time”, “I would but the kids need me” or “I will do all that again when the kids are older.” News flash, you are always going to be busy from here on out. So if you get into the rut of never carving out me time, chances are it can become routine.

Truthfully, we can all find even as little as 20 minutes, and if that means asking for someone to help you watch the kids, it may be necessary.

Me Time at Home!!

Even still. We know that time is of the essence, so here are some ways to fit in mommy me time, without having to even leave the house. Whether you have a lot of time or a little, we hope there are some ideas here that you can fit in once in a while.

C’mon mamas, you deserve it!

Mommy Me Time Ideas

  1. Take a bath or an extra long shower
  2. Make a cup of tea and put your feet up
  3. Take a nap (with or without the kids)
  4. Watch a chick flick (even if that means putting on your headphones while the kids are asleep)
  5. Light a candle and enjoy a night cap
  6. Call a girlfriend and gab away
  7. Do your nails
  8. Try a DIY at home facial
  9. Date night with your partner
  10. Splurge on an online purchase
  11. Write in a journal
  12. Doodle or colour
  13. Listen to music with earphones
  14. Zen out with some light meditation
  15. Look through old photos
  16. Re-organize your closet or bag (decluttering can be therapeutic)
  17. Bake or try a new recipe
  18. Start a DIY decor project
  19. Do some yoga or stretching
  20. Do a puzzle
  21. Watch a reality show (PVR if need to)
  22. Spend uninterrupted time catching up on social media
  23. Try a meal delivery service and dine in


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