5 Canadian Dad Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Parenting is hard and we are all in the struggle together. As parents, and especially new parents sleep deprivation and maintaining sanity doesn’t leave for much out of the house time. At 2am you are not likely to pick up the phone to call a friend but you will most likely reach for your phone to scroll your feed. Social media can be great for connecting with others, and as much as there are thousands upon thousands of “mom” bloggers there are also fantastic “dad” bloggers out there. These are just a few that I recommend following.


Michael is a work-at-home dad with one daughter. He is a foodie and avid traveller. He also covers local events and products.

Images from @beyondtheretoric


David is a stay-at-home dad from Calgary. He has a pre-schooler son and a baby daughter. This avid coffee drinker covers local events and products. He also has great tips on how to edit pictures in photoshop.

Images from @life_in_benjamin


Dale is a stay-at-home parent with three special needs kids while battling his own Multiple Sclerosis. He is bringing awareness to Rett Syndrome.

Images from @daleallenberghttps://www.instagram.com/daleallenberg/


James is the voice behind award-winning parenting blog SocialDad.ca. He has one daughter. His covers dad life, products, travel, cars and more.

Images from @jamesrcs


Tyler is a Vancouver blogger and dad to 3 kids. He covers local events and products.

Images from @adadsadventures

Who is your favourite dad blogger? Let me know in comments.


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