5 Easy Hangover Cures To Try

The aftermath of celebrating too much for New Year’s can be an awful hangover. Hangovers can last up to 24 hours and the older you are the more awful they can be. Seriously, I do not understand how I used to drink in my 20s and go on with the rest of my life the next day?!? Hangover symptoms can be nausea, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, dehydration, and more. I am not a doctor or health professional just a Mom who has had a hangover. These are my tips to try: 

Drink Water

Alcohol can lead to dehydration which can make hangover symptoms worse. The morning after drinking, water can help flush out the toxins and restore your hydration levels. If you don’t want to chug just straight water, adding electrolytes or ginger can be helpful as well.

Big First Meal 

The go-to breakfast or lunch (depending on how long your hangover kept you in bed) for most is a big greasy meal but ideally you want to give your body healthy nutrients instead. Reach for avocado toast, whole wheat bagels with a nut butter and bananas, smoothies, or lettuce wrapped burger. The more vegetables you consume the better you will feel. 

Cool Shower or Detox Bath

Showering can make you feel more alert. Going from a hot shower to slightly cooler can increase circulation and help with eliminating toxins. Cold water can help with waking your body up, stress relief, and your immune system. If opting for bath include Epsom salts or bentonite clay. 


Hopefully if you are a parent, you have non-hungover help at home to assist with the kids. The best hangover cure is time. If you can sleep instead of suffer. Sleep can give your body a chance to go through the recovery process. 

IV Drip

Depending on how much celebrating you did the night before, the answer to your hangover might be an IV Drip. Many have online booking options so you could pre-book the treatment. There are a variety of different options and clinics in major cities across Canada. Some clinics also have the option of bringing the treatment to you vs going to a clinic. Getting an at-home hangover IV drip in Santa Fe is as simple as making an appointment online or over the phone. A healthcare professional will come to your home with all the materials necessary to administer a hangover cocktail. Vitamin add-ons are available to help give you an extra boost of energy to ensure you can tackle your day.

Let me know in the comments what your go-to hangover remedy is?


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