Help Clean Edmonton Military Markers with Operation Restoration


As a mother of young children, I am always looking at fun and creative ways to get them involved and teach them about military veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. It is a heavy issue, but an important one. Operation Restoration has developed a program to help clean the markers, to show these men and women respect, and to never forget. There are 2 events below if you would like to participate.

Operation Restoration was created to inspire youth to be engaged in honouring the sacrifices of Canadians in the service of Canada and to provide opportunities to participate in the act of Remembrance.



A brief description on the symbolism of the Operation Restoration Logo.
-The Afghanistan mountains are a symbol of our latest generation of Veterans and the sacrifices they endured.
-Netherland Tulips represent the appreciation of Canadian sacrifices in WWII
-The rolling Green Fields of Normandy WWI
-The Grave Markers where the names of our heroes are etched and a place for us to remember them.
-Children and Youth who “from failing hands” have caught the torch of Remembrance and are holding it high



August 27, 2022

August 27, 2022 is our Edmonton Cemetery Military Marker clean up event. Thank you to all of our volunteers who have already signed up, if you have not had the chance and would like to, there are still spots available. Click HERE to sign up

Make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing and bring a water bottle with you. Everything else will be provided. Below is a map of the Edmonton Cemetery located at 11820 107 Ave NW. We have highlighted in red where the clean up will take place and highlighted in yellow is where parking should be available.

We will see you all at the sign in table starting at 10am!


September 10, 2022

September 10, 2022 is the Beechmount Cemetery Military Marker Clean up event. Beechmount Cemetery is one of the City’s historical cemeteries, dating back to the early 1900s, with a Field of Honour dedicated to our veterans. If you would like to volunteer, click HERE.

Make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing and bring a water bottle with you. Everything else will be provided. Beechmount Cemetery is located at 12420 104 St NW.


A little History of our Military Cemeteries

Edmonton Cemetery

In Edmonton, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission approached the Edmonton Cemetery in 1921 for permission to create a Military Field of Honour. This required a major expansion to the west of the existing cemetery. Because the Commission (and the Last Post Fund) stressed the importance of equality among the graves and their placement (without distinction for rank or term of service), the added land had to be backfilled and supported to ensure that all graves were at the same height and the rows were precisely aligned.

The work was completed, and a dedication ceremony was held in September 1922. The Governor General of Canada, Lord Byng, attended and a seven meter high granite “Cross of Sacrifice” was dedicated to the war dead of 1914-1918.


Beechmount Cemetery

After the Second World War another Field of Honour was created at the Beechmont Cemetery. This Field of Honour has no restrictions on dates of military service. Burials include men and women who have served as peacekeepers and in a variety of other conflicts since 1945.

Like the memorial at the Edmonton Cemetery, Beechmont’s cross is a replica of those erected in the graveyards in Europe after the First World War. It was dedicated on August 25, 1957 by members of the Montgomery Legion and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who sponsored it.



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