Dr. Sears Seminar Highlights

This past Thursday I attended an event hosted by Bebo Mia of Toronto and Brandie Hadfield of www.withlovefrommom.ca
As can be expected, the turnout was overwhelming. It isn’t everyday that Dr. Sears, called by many The Baby Guru, comes into town so mothers with kids in tow filled the room eagerly awaiting to hear his wise teachings.
Dr. Sears did not disappoint. Despite the prevailing circumstances such as the sound malfunctioning and the air conditioner struggling to cool, he had to “talk us through” some videos on his slide show and he did so without skipping a beat or breaking a sweat. His humour, eloquence and passion for his work was quite evident and you wouldn’t imagine this 73 year old man was a day over 60.
His talk focused on proper nutrition and explained how what we put into our bodies leads to a host of illnesses including clogged arteries and cancer.
Key advice “our blood is a medicine cabinet containing vials upon vials of good medicine to circulate and keep us healthy”. His rendition of the typical western diet demonstrated how these “vials of medicine” are sealed shut with a layer of “gooey stuff” (his official scientific description) atop of their lids.
Essentially, when properly fed with fruits and vegetables, grains and protein, our “vials” are open allowing our immune system to flourish. Of course, exercise is also a key ingredient to this success and more often than not, mostly missing from a typical western diet.
His words of wisdom and examples of treating children in his practice were priceless. My favorite story was of a young boy, Johnny, who asked him “Dr. Bill, I’m not as tall as my friends, when am I going to grow?” At which Dr. Sears replied “I’ll make you a prescription for that. Here you go: Rx for Tall Foods, vegetables, fruits, salmon, whole grains”. As you could imagine little Johnny went home and strictly began eating right at the amazement of his mother.
What I came to realize is, when dealing with children and maybe some adults in our lives, simplifying what is best for them in terms that they can understand will ultimately call them into action.
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Happy Feeding!

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