Gender Reveal Party Ideas

When I was pregnant back in 2007, the gender reveal parties were not so much of a thing as they are now. I was told what I was having then actually phoned people to tell them. I think that having a baby is exciting no matter what the gender is and there is no right or wrong way to find out what you are having. If you are wanting to throw a gender reveal these are 10 different ideas on how to do it.

Cake or Cupcake

Image from Pink Ribbon Bakery


Image from Balloon Studio

Splatter Painting

Image from The Mumsy Blog

Baseball or Golf Ball

Image from Poof There It Is

Confetti Cannon

Image from Belle and Beau


Image from Ike and Tash Blog

Smoke Bomb

Image from Prefacing Motherhood


Silly String

Image from The Stir

Baby Clothes

Image from Little Faces Apparel


Image from Little Things

Did you do a gender reveal party? If yes, let me know in the comments what your theme was.

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