How to Get Your Kids Through Flu Season

Flu Season

The time of endless sniffles and and runny noses is almost upon us, and those of us with young children are just starting to prepare themselves for the upcoming colds. We all hope that we make it through flu season and school year without having to deal with getting sick, but it always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So regardless of whether or not your watching their sibling enter school or going themselves we want to help you get through it with ease. With a little help from us we hope that you and your family will have a way easier cold and flu season than ever before.

Preventative Measures

When it comes down to it taking the time to talk to your little ones about how they can prevent getting sick. This means talking to them about washing their hands regularly and especially before eating. Not sharing drinks with classmates and ensure to cover their mouths when they and if they cough around others. Another great thing to add to their preventative care

Parent Care

Above all things during cold and flu season there is always one thing that beats out everything for helping your kids get through. A parent’s love and endless snuggles and care is exactly what all our kids need most during any cold. That means that you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. After all if you are feeling horrific it is very hard to keep a positive attitude to help your little ones get better to. Make sure you are getting better too, drinking lots of fluids and make sure you are well stocked for easy dinners. Keep it simple, keep it easy and try to all get in the rest you need to and above all else don’t push yourself too hard. 

Take it Down a Notch

When your little one is over stimulated with how awful they feel you can imagine how a big bright environment can just add to that over-stimulation. Taking the time to dime lights, pull blinds a bit and make it a more quiet can be very soothing. Just like when you have a pounding headache the added house noises can definitely add to your suffering. Keep it calm and quiet when you can, it makes a world of difference. This also means taking/reducing their screen time. Being sick at home from school doesn’t mean they get to sit and play action packed games all day instead of resting the way they need to.

Flu Season

Just a Spoonful of…

Sometimes we have done all we can and we know we need to give them a little more help when it comes to sleeping. Sometimes we need to use a little medicine and thankfully there are some great options out there like: Stodal multi system. Perfect for 1 month all the way to 11 years making it perfect for your growing family to rely on for years to come. It is a more natural way to help relieve your kids symptoms and make your kids feel a lot more comfortable.

Helping them Sleep

Of course one of the biggest and most painful things about having a baby in the house with a cold is the lack of sleep. If baby isn’t getting the sleep that they need that means that no one is going to. When you have already done everything you can for them and they still wont sleep it can be very frustrating for everyone in the house. Having over tired caretakers doesn’t help your little one get better faster either so the best thing you can do is help them get a great night sleep. Sticking to your sleep routine, despite little one being sick, is very important. You don’t want to regress on any progress you have already made with your babe. Staying consistent can be a huge help but you might still need a little help. Something like Quietude for kids 6m+ can be an incredible help. It helps your little ones sleep when they’re ill, having nightmares or suffer from mild sleeping disorders. It can be exactly what you need to help your sick babe get the night’s sleep they need to get better.

Tell us in the comments: what are some of the ways you help your little ones get through a cold?

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