Local Review: Cafe Tiramisu


Last week my sister met up with my boys and myself for brunch at Tiramisu-Lift Me Up Bistro (Cafe Tiramisu) and since I didn’t leave the restaurant frazzled (as I usually do when my boys are with me at a location that does not allow for running around; yelling and laying on the floor) I wanted to share our experience.



First off | The Food!

I ordered this lovely crepe (I don’t remember the exact name); which was filled with a cinnamon cream cheese; topped with strawberries and accompanied with maple syrup. It was delicious down to the last bite (and yes I managed to eat it all instead of rushing through most of it before my children had a meltdown and had to leave immediately). Since my boys are only 2 and 3 years old I ordered a crepe off of the kids menu for them to share; it was the perfect size for them and they loved the accompanying fruit!



Upon arrival at the cafe my son noticed a photo on the menu of a previously designated children’s area in the cafe but when I asked our server about it she let me know that due to liability reasons it was no longer available. BUT they offered to grab the Ipad(s) for the kids to play games on while we were there and of course my boys loved navigating through the different games and my sister and I were actually able to have a conversation! The boys had no problem taking a break to eat there food and after gobbling it up and washing their hands they were able to enjoy a few more minutes while I drank my coffee. My. Still. Hot. Coffee.

So it goes without saying that we would definitely go back!

Have you taken your kids to Cafe Tiramisu? How was your experience?


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