New Arctic Journey Experience Opens at TWOSE September 17, 2022


New Arctic Journey opens September 17 at  TELUS World of Science – Edmonton

The Arctic Journey is an awe-inspiring interactive science  exhibition that tells the story of the changes experienced by the people, land, and animals living in the  North. 

As guests enter Arctic Journey in the Newell Family Gallery, they do not simply read about the  Arctic – they will feel it. The exhibition’s engaging experiences allow guests to be an active  participant in exploring the Arctic region, as it comes to life in front of them, through stories, artifacts,  hands-on exhibits, and immersive sights and sounds that transports them to Canada’s Far North. 

“Edmontonians and Albertans will get the chance to experience the largest  permanent exhibition to open in the Science Centre’s history,” said Alan Nursall, President & CEO at  TELUS World of Science – Edmonton. “Arctic Journey will take you across the frozen tundra, and  over the Arctic sea-ice through paths established by the generations of Inuit, Innu, Dene, Gwich’in  and other First Nations Peoples that call this region home.”  

The opening of Arctic Journey marks the completion of the Science Centre’s seven-year ambitious  Aurora Project, to expand and reimagine the existing galleries, while building a foundation for new  science centre experiences. With the project’s completion, guests can now enjoy 20,000 square feet  of new space to explore. 

arcticGuests will engage all their senses through a variety of interactive exhibits, as they explore Arctic  Journey starting September 17. 

  • Enjoy the rush as you hear cracking ice, and feel the chill of blowing wind riding an interactive  dogsled across a frozen tundra 
  • Explore and build an indoor Iglu (Inuit language) 
  • See an inuksuk and marvel at its cultural significance 
  • Take the Arctic Survival Challenge – can you safely traverse sea ice, and fish for food?
  • With cold wind blowing in your face, clamber on board an Inuit dogsled, and go for a ride across the snow covered sea ice behind a dog team, the sounds of dogs in your ears, and the sled bumping and moving over the snow.
  • Feel the tension as you venture out onto the sea ice and encounter an Inuk hunter who welcomes you and shows you how to navigate the ice safely.
  • Experience an object theatre that highlights the director of a world leading Edmonton ice core facility on a momentous race against time to retrieve a 327 meter ice core from the tallest mountain in Canada.
  • Go fishing in the Mackenzie River and see if you can make the catch of a lifetime.
  • Discover the secrets of icebergs and how they are more than meets the eye. Draw your own iceberg and see if it is stable enough to stay afloat in the ocean.
  • Get swept away to the North through a mosaic of photos and images submitted by people in the Arctic that capture their perspectives on daily life.
  • Visit the inuksuk, known as a niungvaliruluk, a window-shaped directional inuksuk that points to a place of significance, built by Elder Piita Irniq.


To celebrate the opening of Arctic Journey and the completion of the Aurora Project, guests are  invited to an opening weekend (September 17 and 18) full of family-friendly festivities! Enjoy a variety of  giveaways, including complimentary Science Centre Purple Lab Coats for the first 75 children (under  6) each day, with paid general admission. The Science Centre will come alive by activating guest’s senses through sounds, sights, taste, and immersive activities throughout the day. 

As a complement to Arctic Journey, guests can embark on a cinematic adventure to experience a  land untouched by time in The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness, opening in IMAX on September 17. The film takes viewers to the remote Alaskan wilderness for an intimate look at one of  the largest animal migrations on Earth. Viewers will encounter polar bears, musk oxen, wolves, and  more as they enjoy breathtaking cinematography from the wildest place left in North America.  

This fall, Your New Science Centre Adventure Awaits!  

For more details on Arctic Journey Exhibition and The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness in IMAX,  visit  


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