Recipes to the Rescue – Home Cooking Made Easy

Home cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be simplified, easy, and even fun.

I recently connected with an old colleague of mine, whom I had the pleasure of working with at the Canadian Diabetes Association. We both worked on a fabulous cooking program focused on healthy eating. Since then, Barb Kemp has continued with that goal in mind, and along with her own passion endeavors to motivate people to take preparing meals into their own hands. Enter the formation of Recipes to the Rescue.

What is Recipes to the Rescue all about?

This is a fabulous (and I mean truly fabulous) set of programs focusing on the everyday person, who craves to do more home cooking and wants to learn how to create nutritious/nourishing meals.

Recipes To The Rescue‘s main purpose is to reignite a love for real food, rejuvenate that desire to cook and organize daily cooking.  To do so, Barb offers online courses, a newsletter, and meal planning templates.


Barb knows that it can be confusing for home cooks when flooded with all the food options available, as well as conflicting nutrition information. So, she made it her goal to simplify people’s choices, dialing back on all the information and giving them the basics of what they need to know to feed their families well.

How Can Recipes to the Rescue Help Me?

This will motivate you to get back into the kitchen and cook. At the end of the day, that is the end goal. By cooking more, you will be relying less on take-out, pre-made and processed foods.
By taking the online courses, you will learn (in the comfort of your own home), while being supported and encouraged.
In addition to cooking your own food, you will have fun. Food = Fun in this case!

What Programs May Be of Interest?

Barbara offers a signature program called Cooking Reboot which is 4 sessions long.
She is also offering a free course on menu planning “How to menu plan for home cook

A Little Bit about Barb

Barbara Kemp is a food educator, from Vancouver, with a vast knowledge and experience surrounding healthy cooking and teaching. She, herself is a self-taught home cook, who has been motivating and empowering the everyday cook since 1998.

Barbara is passionate about food and cooking and believes cooking should be fast, simple, full of flavour and made from fresh whole foods.



*Although this is sponsored, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. *Images provided by Barb Kemp and Shutterstock.

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