Saving Money with Online Grocery Shopping


We all spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. With prices going up we need to find ways to bring down the bill. Some of the items I buy regularly have gone up $0.50 to $2.00. This adds up. When I went to the store this week the margarine that I normally buy was $6.99. I did not like that. We have allergies at my house and that limits our choices on buying items. This made me think I need to find more ways to save money.


I know a lot of people have already started online grocery shopping with curbside pickup or delivery.  If you are like me and have not started ordering your groceries online, there are many money saving promotions that make now a good time to start. 


Why you should grocery shop online 

  • It’s very convenient as you can do it any time of day. Once you have done it a few times, it will save you time as you can look back at previous orders and have quick access to the items you buy frequently. 
  • All the prices are clearly marked 
  • You can look at ingredients on products in a larger print
  • You can look for items by department or use the search bar
  • You can make the order and have someone else pick it up for you
  • If the store is out of an item they can substitute it for another brand if you choose. By doing this you might even find that you like the substitute better
  • You can see all the sales in one place
  • You won’t pick up as many extra items. I know when I walk through the store I buy things that are not on my list.
  • Cost totals are calculated as you add items into the cart which makes it easier to stay on budget


Here is a list of 4 grocery stores offering money saving promos for first time orders. I have also added information about an app I love that will help you save money!


Real Canadian Superstore

When you sign up for your first PC Express online order and spend $100 or more you will receive 25, 000 PC Optimum points. That’s $25 back in points. 

This promo runs until Feb 28, 2022.

Promo code: 25PTS100

*There is a small fee added for pickup or delivery.



Get $15.00 off your first 4 grocery orders for a total of $60.00 in savings

Promo code: SAVETIME60

*You must spend $35.00 or more and there are no additional fees on pickup.



Get $20.00 off your first 4 grocery pickups got a total of  $80.00 in savings 

This promo runs until Feb 28, 2022


*You must spend $75.00 or more and there is a small fee added for pickup or delivery.


Calgary Co-op

Get $15.00 off your first 2 online purchases for a total of $30.00 in savings

This promo runs until Jan 31, 2022

*You must spend $75.00 or more and there is a small fee added for pickup or delivery.


Flashfood App

This app can help you save money and use up food that would otherwise go to waste. Flashfood works with the Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills here in Alberta. They sell food that is close to it’s best before date at up to 50% off. 

All you have to do is sign into the app, choose your store, and see what food they have for sale. They have fruit and veggies, bakery goods, meat, and more. Each store will have different items offered so make sure you check back often as listed food items change daily. You pay on the app and then pick up your order at customer service at the specified location. 

Use my referral code and spend over $10 and you will receive $5 back in rewards and so will I!

Code: NICO223HW 

I hope this was helpful. If you have any money saving tips please share them in the comments below!

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