Self-Care September: Ten Body Positive Influencers To Follow

I think comparing ourselves to others can be something that we strive not to do but yet sometimes is hard to not to let happen. In an Instagram world it can be hard to know what is real and what is a perfect lighted, photoshopped to perfection, pre-set picture. I think it is really important for us all to know that we are enough and that as cliché as it is that beauty comes within and ultimately confidence is the sexiest thing that we can wear. If there is anyone that makes you feel triggered, or bad about yourself hit unfollow or block. Surround yourself with people and accounts that entertain you and makes you feel good about yourself. These are just a few of the influencers that I find smart, funny, beautiful and have good tips whether it is about fitness, fashion or parenting. Ultimately they all remind that we are more than just the body that we are in.

Recommended soundtrack to accompany this article is of course Lizzo’s Juice and Good As Hell.

Codi Darnell

Instagram: @helpcodiheal

Images from Codi Darnell

Brandi Jeter Riley

Instagram: @brandijeter

Images from Brandi Jeter Riley

Heydy Lopez

Instagram: @heydylopez_

Images from Heydy Lopez

Bethany C. Meyers

Instagram: @bethanycmeyers

Images from Bethany C. Meyer

Jen Pistor

Instagram: @jenpistor

Images from Jen Pistor

Arshia Lakhani

Instagram: @arrshia

Images from Arshia Lakhani

Sarah Nicole Landry

Instagram: @thebirdspapaya

Images from Sarah Nicole Landry

Bianca Karina

Instagram: @biancakarina_

Images from Bianca Karina

Bethaly Miro

Instagram: @bethalylovebeauty

Images from Bethaly Miro

Roxy Earle

Instagram: @luxuriosroxy

Images from Roxy Earle

Let me know in the comments who else you would add to this list. I am always looking for new accounts to follow.

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