Simple Self-Care Suggestions For Mama’s


I think it goes without saying how important self-care is for anyone, especially mothers. We are well known for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own and burning ourselves out. I can always tell when I am overdue for some self-care when the smallest things start to make me lose my cool. Often that looks like going for a massage, being able to run some errands solo, or catching some extra zzz’s. But, self-care looks different for everyone! So I have put together some self-care suggestions for when you need some extra TLC.


1. Connect To Something You Loved Pre-Children

So often as parents we say ” we don’t have time” But I feel like now more than ever it is important to stay connected to yourself. To find something that it just for you! Whether that be knitting, yoga, woodworking, whatever it is- DO IT! Staying connected to what you’re truly passionate about will not only make you happier it will also make you a better parent.

2. Hit The Spa

This is one I will often do! Taking an hour or two to myself to go have a massage and a hot cup of coffee can make all the difference in the world. With the job I have and my terrible posture ( I’m working on it) I feel like a new person. But, if massages aren’t your thing and you prefer the acupuncturist or chiropractor or just getting your nails done- make the time!

3. Talk To Someone

I feel like this is a big one. Your mental health is a huge part of self-care.So whether your self-care involves you talking to a psychologist or venting to your best friend over a glass of wine. It is important to make the time to do it. I’m guilty of not making the time for friends as a lot of my friends are also moms and this is one I plan to work on this year.

4. Move Your Body

Again, a lot of moms say they want to work out but simply don’t have the time. But, you don’t need hours to fit in a workout! Grab a workout DVD and take some time to yourself while your kiddo naps or even put them in the stroller and go for a run. There are also a lot of classes that allow you to workout with your child. But if your kid is anything like mine you will end up chasing them around the whole class. Which is also a great workout haha.


5. Get A Weekend Away

I think this is essential for any parent to have at least a day away every once in a while. Some time away to not stress about lunches or extracurricular activities but to just recharge your batteries. This can be done solo, with a group of friends, or your spouse. If you’re in the Edmonton area like myself there is a fabulous retreat for moms which I think is a fantastic idea! They offer many different activities and you can choose to participate or to just take nap.





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