Small Business Sunday…with Belle Tropique Natural Skincare

Belle Tropique

This is still such a challenging time for small businesses. We love supporting and showcasing local and small business especially female owned. If you would like to be featured please email

Belle Tropique

This week we are speaking with Lisa Gertsman Gariépy, owner of Belle Tropique Natural Skincare. You can support her by visiting her site, Facebook or Instagram.

What made you choose to open your business?

 I started it to help my daughters who have sensitive skin and eczema. Even though there are many known brands on the market, I struggled to find natural, effective products that really worked for them! My passion led to developing my own products that are effective, organic, EcoCertified, cruelty-free and Canadian-made. The products are professionally produced and quality tested. It started with the baby products and I went on to anti-aging and more natural skincare products from there.

What is your favourite small business? (Aside from your own)

Oh, that is so tough! too hard to choose just one!! I try to support female-owned small businesses
whenever I can even if it means it might be less convenient or cost a little more!

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

Each business is unique, it’s kind of like a baby, in that it needs lots of care and attention. This is why I
think Moms naturally have what it takes to make them great business owners! I might advise those
thinking about starting a new business to try it out as a side-hustle, while working their day job. For
those who are sure they’re ready to make the jump into full-time entrepreneurship– from my
experience– being a business owner is a 24/7 job on top of all of your other responsibilities. I have
found that taking good care of ourselves physically and emotionally helps us to meet the challenge!

belle tropique

What are your long term business goals?

Long term, I hope to continue growth in 3 areas, online sales with, in major retail properties,
I am in Children’s Organic boutiques in 2 major shopping centers in Quebec and in subscription boxes for
women and new moms!

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable customer or client experience?

My most memorable client experience was with a beautiful mom who wrote to me out of the blue,
probably 6 months after her order. She told me she used my gentle products for her face after
undergoing chemotherapy and she was so grateful how it helped to improve her skin and self image. I
teared up thinking about how my wish to help others with my business was coming to fruition. It meant
the world to me. 

Thank you to Lisa Gertsman Gariépy for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday. If you are a business owner in the Edmonton area that would be interested in participating in our feature please email

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