Small Business Sunday With Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy

We are all in the middle of practicing physical distancing, and while this time is very challenging for everyone right now, it is especially difficult for small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to support them however we can, so every week we will be featuring some of our local small businesses.

Bundle of Joy

Our first small business is Bundle of Joy Box, which is a Canadian pregnancy & postpartum subscription box company, and the boxes are trimester based with curated items from local Canadian creators. Bundle of Joy Box includes free shipping with all purchases, currently only offering shipping within Canada.

What is Unique About Bundle of Joy Box?

We are a mother and daughter team that saw an opportunity to provide families with sustainable, and forward thinking products made by creators right here in Canada. My mother, Natasha, is a birth doula with over a decade of experience; she has had many clients ask her about various products and services. After having my first baby in June last year I wished I could have signed up to have great products delivered to my door. We began contacting various vendors in order to test product that we would love to provide for our customers.

What is Your Favourite Small Business (aside from your own)?

We love supporting our locally owned coffee shop, they give us the energy to get through our work days!

Bundle of Joy

If You Had One Piece of Advice to Someone Just Starting Out, What Would It Be?

Just keep going. We launched during an economic downturn but we have seen customer loyalty already! When you provide a good product/service, people will value you.

What are Your Long-Term Business Goals?

We are wanting to branch out and provide more essentials to continue to grow with our families. As our business becomes more established, we are wanting to give back supports to our local communities and resources to those who need. We both have experienced the dark and difficult side of postpartum, which is why it is so important to us to provide those life-saving resources.

What is Your Funniest/Weirdest/Most Memorable Experience With a Customer or Client?

We love talking and connecting with our customers. Everyone has such different experiences and hearing their stories really inspires us to do more.

Bundle of Joy

Thank you to Winona and Natasha for participating in Small Business Sunday!

For more information on Bundle of Joy Boxes, check out their website here

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Want to check out the box? Use promo code MODERNMAMA for 10% off!

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