Small Business Sunday with Dalaga Beauty Studio

Dalaga Beauty Studio

We are in the thick of staying home and focusing on social distancing. This is a very challenging time for so many people and so many small businesses. We love supporting local and wanted to do our part in showcasing some fantastic small businesses every week.

Dalaga Beauty Studio

This week we are speaking with L’nielle aka LJ, the owner and artist of Dalaga Beauty Studio. Located in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Dalaga Beauty Studio specializes in the care and enhancement of your natural beauty. Their artistic talents shine in lash extensions, keratin lash lifts and tint, dermaplaning facials, brow shaping, henna brows, brow lamination and makeup services. They are a space for other artists in the beauty industry to work from and are always learning, growing and evolving as artists in the industry. The studio also has an online shop showcasing local fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands currently shipping within Canada only.

What made you choose this type of business?

Dalaga Beauty Studio was a way for Julie (my business partner) and myself to create a uniquely beautiful space where other likeminded artists can come to work and grow. The aesthetic of the studio is like no other lash/beauty bar in Vancouver. We have an eclectic boheme vibe which shines in both decor and environment. For myself, I chose to be in this industry because I love helping my clients achieve their beauty/lifestyle goals and have them walk away feeling amazing. For my clients, getting their lashes or brows done with me help with getting ready on a daily basis. They don’t always have the time to fully put themselves together every morning, but still want to look polished. So coming to our studio helps!

What is your favourite small business (aside from your own)?

This one is hard, because it is so hard to choose just one. I am a huge fan of supporting local so my current favourite small businesses right now are LeLe Chan Designs and Midnight Paloma.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

DON’T GIVE UP! Even when there’s a pandemic and you can’t physically work, there are unique ways to keep your business and your brand active. Spend time weekly making goals, tasks, dreams for your business and use your free ‘business’ time to work on them.

Dalaga Beauty Studio

What are your long term business goals?

My long term business goals is for Dalaga Beauty Studio to be THE studio to go to for all your (non hair/nail/medical spa) beauty needs. The beauty industry has expanded so much in the last decade and there are so many unique services available now that don’t really have a home other than out of a back room of a nail, salon or spa space. Would love to expand to a larger space and possibly 1-2 other locations.

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable experience with a customer or client?

I think the funniest was when one of our clients came out of her shell and told us she loves to play pranks on her husband… like extreme pranks where she packed his suitcase for trips with nothing but Borat trunks and little speedos (don’t worry, she sent his real clothes ahead of time). Thankfully his bag didn’t get searched at customs lol.

Thank you to LJ for participating in this weeks Small Business Sunday.

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