Small Business Sunday with The SugarBox Bakery

SugarBox Bakery

With the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, I have decided to bring back Small Business Sundays! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to support them however we can, especially with the Holiday season quickly approaching!

SugarBox Bakery

The SugarBox Bakery is an Edmonton based bakery. You can find Sara in Windermere, Edmonton. If you want to get a hold of Sara for your next party, you can email her at or call her at 780-884-4354

What Is Unique About Your Business or What Made You Choose This Type of Business?

The SugarBox Bakery was born out of my love to bake! My name is Sara Mikhaiel and I am a self-taught baker based out of my kitchen in SW Edmonton. I am a wife and mama to 2 beautiful baby girls. I am an accountant by trade and I love to bake. So, when I have a recipe that I need to modify, pro-rating the ingredients is such a treat! I have been baking with my mama for as long as I can remember and decided to take the next step and do a bit more baking last summer. By the grace of God, I am able to create desserts to help others celebrate. It gives me so much joy knowing that I get to spread happiness and create joy for others through something I enjoy doing.

It is also really important to me that a portion of the proceeds go to a worthy cause. A portion of every single sale will go towards helping various charities. And once, in a while, I am hoping to run various fundraisers throughout the year. I ran one in November for the Stollery and it was such a huge success! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the number of orders I got in support of the Stollery. Sara also hosted a fundraiser in December!

What Is Your Favourite Small Business (Aside From Your Own)?

It is hard to narrow it down to one!! Here are a few I love:





SugarBox Bakery

If You Had One Piece of Advice To Someone Just Starting Out, What Would It Be?

Just do it! If you really love doing something, all the long hours and effort you put in won’t feel like “work” but it will be so fun and rewarding! I was blessed with such wonderful people around me who encouraged me to start posting my creations on social media, and that is how I got to where I am today!

What Are Your Long-Term Business Goals?

To be able to make a difference to the charities I love and help contribute to their causes through something I love doing. And to keep learning new techniques and bettering myself so I can keep creating more yummy treats for others to enjoy!

What Is Your Funniest/Weirdest/Most Memorable Experience With a Customer or Client?

Most memorable moment is when I committed to baking ALL the cookies for the Stollery fundraiser the morning of the pick up so they could be as fresh as possible. I was so happy with the flood of orders; however, I didn’t even bother sleeping the night before. I love making cookies normally, but 12 hours of straight cookie making was too much, even for this sweet tooth! Lesson learned for next time.

SugarBox Bakery 

Thank you, Sara, from The SugarBox Bakery for participating in the Small Business Sunday series.

If you want to help support The SugarBox Bakery, make sure to give them some love on Facebook and follow along on Instagram to watch for some more amazing fundraisers the The SugarBox Bakery holds in the coming months!

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