Do Your Kids Struggle with Handwriting?

Magic link handwriting

With cursive no longer a part of the British Columbia or Alberta curriculum, many kids are growing up without knowing how to sign their own name.  Many others have illegible handwriting.  If you are looking for a way to help your children develop their ability to have neat and legible handwriting, there is help.


Children are often judged; by their handwriting and messy handwriting is not a sign of low intelligence! The Magic Link Handwriting course is for 6-18-year olds who would like to learn clear, cursive, joined-up handwriting. Good penmanship builds confidence and speed and leads to better exam results.


Magic link handwritingMagic link handwriting

The Magic Link handwriting program is a 30-step course. This highly successful method was developed in the UK by Mrs. Lee Dein, a qualified speech and language therapist and a dyslexia teacher. Her program is used in many schools and taught by qualified teachers who provide lessons via Zoom. This course is also available online and comes with pre-recorded video lessons (Lee Dein is the teacher) and accompanying printable, color-coded worksheets.


A high proportion of children who have poor handwriting are often labelled as suffering from ‘dysgraphia’. The International Dyslexia Association state that pupils with this label require early intervention or specialized instruction in all the relevant skills that are interfering with their learning of written language. The Magic Link handwriting program is a British Dyslexia Association assured product and includes clear visual instructions and demonstrations of letter formations. Evidence shows that children’s handwriting improves significantly using the Magic Link method. Good handwriting leads to better spelling, which in turn enables children to successfully proofread their work.


Good handwriting for children is crucial and evidence shows that handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding. This is because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. The Magic Link teaches children all aspects of handwriting including height, spacing, size and joining. Children practice writing letters and words which not only helps handwriting but improves reading and spelling.

Magic link handwriting

Handwriting is a predictor of success in other subjects, because good handwriting has a positive impact on grades. Children can have a very hard time writing in print because many of the letters look similar, particularly b and d. Also, it can feel very uncomfortable and disjointed writing in print. The Magic Link course simplifies the handwriting process to make handwriting clear, fast and legible.


Handwriting speed is an important factor of handwriting as many standardized assessments are based on written work, particularly in time-limited written examinations. Without fast and legible handwriting, children will miss out on learning opportunities, under-achieve and may fall behind. Good handwriting remains as a major form of assessment for many formal qualifications. Magic Link provides a clear and logical method of joining letters together to enable speed and fluency.


The Magic Link handwriting program is a proven course which teaches joined-up, cursive handwriting in 30 simple steps. Proven to help everyone who has bad handwriting, including pupils who are hyper-mobile, have dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, Asperger’s or those who are simply left-handed. Used in schools and endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association.

Magic Link Handwriting can be found on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and on the web.

Magic link handwriting


Created by Lee Dein, Cert MRCSLT DipRSA certified speech & language therapist & dyslexia teacher. Developed, tried & tested over her 30 years of teaching experience.  For home or school use & excellent for all children with messy handwriting.

For kids that are struggling with printing legibly and writing cursive. The Magic Link program introduces a simple and unique handwriting font which teaches letter direction, letter size and joined-up writing from the start.
There are no lead-in (entry) strokes, which often confuse. The Magic Link font inspires confidence that letters can be written neatly and simply, with little scope for error.


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Magic link handwriting


Note: This is a sponsored post. I have not tried this program and therefore I am unable to provide any personal feedback on it.   An internet search did yield several reviews of the program in addition there are testimonials listed on the Magic Link Handwriting website.


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    My son is very poor in handwriting . I was so worried ,thank you for referring this program. Will definitely try this program.

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