Vegan Lunch Ideas For The Whole Family

Vegan Lunch Ideas

Whether your family is vegan, you are transitioning or you are just wanting to incorporate less meat in your diet; these vegan lunch ideas for the whole family are just what you need. They are all great ideas that leave you fully satisfied and feeling healthy. The colors in your vegan lunches can make any picky eater you might have on your hands happy as can be. My picky boys all eat with their eyes first and these ideas we have will have them asking for more for sure!

Sandwiches are always a classic choice when it comes to packing a lunch for yourself or for your kids. After a while though they can become too routine and a little boring. If you are someone transitioning away from meat you start to think: “what on earth can I put in a sandwich?”. Well the answer is there are lots of great options for starters The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich by i am a food blog. This sandwich is divine for the taste-buds and the eyes with its wonderful colours. BLTs are one of the best sandwiches out there and there is a way to eat them without all the guilt. Check out this vegan Tofu Bacon BLTs by Amuse Your Bouche.

vegan lunch ideas

The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich photo by: i am food blog [SOURCE]

If you need some great make ahead lunch ideas that you can easily make to everyone’s tastes maybe salads in a jar are what you need. Being able to make a bunch of different lunches for everyone in the house all at once is a great time and sanity saver. If you are looking for some great ideas for combinations then you need to check out these week’s worth of healthy lunches for $20 by Cooking by Laptop. The combinations are endless which makes these a great way to spend an hour in the kitchen with the kids creating lunches they will actually want to eat!

vegan lunch ideas

Perhaps you are more the wrap kind of family, thankfully a vegan lifestyle and wraps are best friends. These Vegan Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce by Lauren Caris Cooks are amazing. She even has a great Winter Vegetable version that is great with fall coming just around the corner. These beauties are another awesome idea for when you want to make something for ahead of time for throughout the week. Getting the kids involved in this recipe isn’t only easy, it is also lots of fun for them!

vegan lunch ideas

Rainbow Hummus Wrap photo by: Tastythin [SOURCE]

Wraps are another great idea when you are looking for simple lunch ideas that everyone in the house can enjoy. These are some of the most popular options for my boys when they tire of their usual sandwich choices. They are super colorful, delicious and portable for those kids who might need to take their lunch to the park. This Rainbow Hummus Wrap by Tastythin is super simple and just beautiful. If you are a fan of caesar salad wraps then this Crispy ‘Chick’n’ Caesar Salad by I Love Vegan is great inside a wrap. This is a healthy and filling lunch that anyone in your house will love.

Being or going vegan doesn’t mean your lunches need to be boring, they can be the envy of the entire class or office!  

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