2020 Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar

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I don’t know about you, but when I think of an Advent Calendar, I typically think of the chocolate Advent Calendars I used to get as a child to count down to Christmas. I remember so much joy opening up those little boxes every single day for that tiny little sliver of chocolate! But these days, there are so many different types of Advent Calendars on the market, and for all different ages from toddlers to adults! There are book Advent Calendars, boozy Advent Calendars, and pretty much any type you can think of in between.

Today, I am going to share some of my favourite types of Advent Calendar’s for toddlers!

Advent Calendar

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

If your toddler loves Play-Doh, what could be better than being able to open up a new Play-Doh experience every single day?! This Advent Calendar is recommended for ages 3+

Advent Calendar

Crayola Advent Calendar

My daughter absolutely loves to colour. This is one activity where she will actually sit still for hours — if you know my child, she doesn’t like to sit still for very long! So this is a perfect Advent Calendar for our household. Being able to have new things to colour every single day would keep Olivia, and other kids, entertained for hours!

Advent Calendar

Wall Hanging Santa Advent Calendar

What I love about this Advent Calendar is that it can be used for all ages. You can add whatever items you want to this, which makes it great for babies to young children! And this way, the items aren’t always the same thing, you can mix it up and keep the little ones guessing and excited everyday throughout December!

Advent Calendar

Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels

Here is an interactive calendar from Vtech. Not only can you open up 24 little boxes for a present, but the front of the box folds down for an interactive mat to play on! The downside to this one is that it does require batteries, but I foresee hours of fun being had with this one!

Advent Calendar

The Story of Christmas – Story Book Set

If you want your little ones to learn about The Story of Christmas, this is a great Advent Calendar. Each day they get to read a story about Christmas and the true meaning behind the season. They even have strings so you can hang them from the tree. Why not make reading one of these books a tradition every Christmas?

Advent Calendar

Nickelodeon: Storybook Collection

I love having books in my house. I want my daughter to read whenever she wants so being able to open a book everyday and reading with my daughter everyday is a great option for us!

Fisher-Price Little People

This is great for little ones who love to play. Everyday from December 1 to December 24 they can open a new door to a new Little People, holiday themed toy that they can play with year round. It is also a great way to introduce numbers and counting to your little one!


There are so many different options regarding Advent Calendars for your children, so why opt for the traditional chocolate one when you can get things for your little ones that will expand their mind, enable their creative side, and let them explore with different toys, crafts, etc. Think outside of the box this year and get your toddler some fun activities to keep them entertained while waiting for Santa’s big arrival on December 25th!


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    I love all of these! This year we went with a LEGO Friends one for my oldest and a Hatchimals for my youngest – I snagged them on clearance last year which is the only reason they’re getting one each (plus, it’s 2020, we need extra joy!). Normally they share one and alternate who gets to open a door each day.

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    I was telling my daughter about how when I was a kid it was just a picture behind the flap, not even a chocolate and she was shocked to say the least. It’s amazing how far they have come.

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