5 Healthy Snacks That Even Your Picky Eater Will Enjoy

healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are important at all ages, we know that. It is something us moms stress about no matter what time of day, year, stage of life. As kids start moving past the baby foods stage, we vow to make healthy snacks a part of their daily habits, and think that they will eat what we give them moving forward.

We Know It’s Not Always Easy to Feed Kids

Healthy snacks…sounds great in theory. The reality is, it’s not always smooth sailing in terms of getting kids to a) snack and b) eat what you lay out in front of them. It is sometimes extremely easy to incorporate healthy foods into our kids snacks options, and sometimes it isn’t so easy.

One of the major ways to ensure they are getting enough fruits and vegetables, is actually snack time, believe it or not. This is a great chance to get them used to expecting that snacks will be something wholesome, sometimes crunchy, and fresh.

Healthy Snacks for picky eaters

Now, I can feel some eye rolls already…yes but what about that picky eater that just won’t have it? Well, we tested it out, tried some things with a few toddlers. Here we list 5 options that even the picky eaters will likely try, chances are there will be at least one or two healthy snacks on this list that they will enjoy.

Healthy Snacks Kiddos!

Berry Smoothies
Call them milkshakes if it helps, but blend together a handful of berries, milk, and some yogurt, and the kids will drink this up. You can add chia or flax here for some essential omega fatty acids, and they won’t even notice.

Mini Fondue with Veggies
In a small dish, melt cheese for 30 seconds (Babybel cheeses work great), serve with small pieces of veggies that your kids do eat, and add different ones daily. I started with carrots and cucumbers, now my toddler will eat it with cherry tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli florets.

Raspberries and/or Blackberries with Yogurt Chips
Quite simply, put yogurt chips in the holes (tops) of these awesome berries, and it gives an additional fun burst of creaminess. Get the kids to do this themselves so they feel they are preparing their own snack!

Apple or Pear Slices and Nut Butter
For the non-allergic of course, but just cut up the fruits and place a dab of nut butter on the plate with a little stick. Have them spread it on the slices themselves for fun eating.

Oatmeal and Banana Cookies
Ahead of time, prepare a batch of these and keep them on hand. Just take rolled oats and bananas and mix together (add chocolate chips if you need or want), roll and flatten into cookie shapes, then bake for about 20 min at 350. The kids will not even realize these are “healthy” cookies.

I hope you find success. Any of these 5 options do give the little ones at least one full serving of the fruit and vegetable group, 3 snacks a day and you are doing pretty good.

Good luck mamas!

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