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We are so busy as parents and with school back in session, after school activities in full force and the holidays just around the corner it is incredible we have time to sleep. With all this rushing around we are lucky to even manage to snap a few pictures along the way. Life is passing us by at such great speed we barely have the time to document it properly. All those memory book ideas we had at the beginning are long gone and filled with endless errands and trying to savor the moment while it happens.

We have found something to change all that. A free app that helps you create those memory books in seconds with the touch of your finger. TreeRing creates baby books by simply and automatically grouping your photos in chronological order when loaded in the app. Making it super easy to pick and choose and customize each book you want to create.


Each book you create you can customize with a few simple strokes of the finger; layout, colors and design. The books are also affordable and start from as low as $9.99 when you order. For the busy mom who always put off making those memory books TreeRing makes it fool proof. No more feeling bad looking at your incomplete scrapbooking efforts because they can take it from here for you from now on. Being able to easily put books together on your phone while at practice, taking the bus or waiting in the car at the pick up line for school. 


If you are having trouble creating those memory books TreeRing has great prompts to help you along. Making sure to help you not miss a thing when it came to those early years with your little ones. You can even get the help of family by collaborating with them. TreeRing makes it easy for them to add photos, helping you create memory books for special occasions all while keeping it just between the family. 

The possibilities for memory book ideas are endless when you are working together with your whole family. You might want to create a book using all the personal photos your family collected at a wedding, maybe a retirement party at work and of course those special birthdays!

For the holidays this could be an incredible way to create some super meaningful gifts for yourself, extended family and friends! First time users even get 50% off their first purchase, but we have something even better to offer up. TreeRing has kindly offered us 3 books ($40 value each) to giveaway to 3 lucky Modern Mama readers. All you have to do is enter below and start making those memories!

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    I would love to make a book with pictures from the Lake. We have been camping there for over 20 years! Lots of great memories.

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    I would make one for my daughter. She is graduating high school this year. This would make a great gift to give her.

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