My Families Go-To Dinner Ideas



In our family, it’s important for us to have home-cooked meals whenever we can. We typically only eat out when my daughter has a later dance class on Tuesday evenings. With that being said finding delicious and healthy options can be a struggle. So here is my list of meals that my family loves!



1. Chili From The Wholesome Dish

Usually, on Monday’s I will use my instant pot for our dinner as we have extra-curricular activities during the time i would be preparing our meal. Chili is one meal I can always count on both my kids eating. It’s great because it’s a meal you can tweak depending on what your dietary needs are. We always add cheddar cheese and sour cream to ours and sometimes cornbread if I have the time! We always use my mother-in-law’s recipe but I found one that is very close to her from The Wholesome Dish.


2. Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas From Tastes Better From Scratch


I’m not sure if I have shared this one before but it is one of our absolute favorites! My kids aren’t huge meat eaters but they do love beans so this is a great option for them. And when I am trying to eat healthier instead of making myself a quesadilla I will take the filling and add it to some greens and make a yummy salad!


3. Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin From The Healthy Foodie

Another amazing Pinterest find! I have been making this recipe for the past year I would say and it is fantastic. This one you do have to marinate for at least 6 hours before cooking but it is so worth it. I also find it tastes better the next day after it has had some time to soak up the sauce. A bonus is that it is also kid-approved!


4. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs From Damn Delicious

Even though I have only made this recipe twice, I know it is one I will be making quite often. At least when my husband isn’t home! I am a huge mustard fan and unfortunately, he is not. I love the depth of flavor that the fresh rosemary adds and just like the pork tenderloin it only gets better overnight!


5. Taco’s

While these may not be the healthiest meal option it is a staple in our house almost every week! I will often opt for a taco salad while the rest of our family has their’s with soft taco shells. Quite often my husband and I will also have the Baja salad from Costco along with it! We have started using a different kind of seasoning for ours from Frontera, they have lots of different options of sauces for Mexican inspired dishes. I also find their sauces much less salty than using the typical Old El Paso seasoning.


Happy Cooking!



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