Small Business Sunday with Edmonton Ghost Tours

This is still such a challenging time for small business. We love supporting and showcasing small businesses especially female owned. If you would like to be featured please email
With Halloween right around the corner, we thought Edmonton Ghost Tours was the perfect feature. We spoke with Nadine Bailey, artistic director, writer, professional story teller, and producer.

What are some things you would want people to know about your tours?

Edmonton Ghost Tours.  A ghostly walk through Old  Strathcona to hear true stories of ghosts, hauntings, murders and mysteries. We also offer many other tours including the University of Alberta History and Haunted walk, Mural walking tours, Haunted Pub Tours and Cemetery Walking Tours.
I started their small business many years ago with really just a passion to start a small business and for storytelling and it has now grown into multiple Tours.  They are all very popular and I’m very proud of them all.  I have also been able to collaborate with many wonderful businesses and organizations over the years to help diversify my tours and I’m a big believer in working together and supporting others. 
I also recently started a podcast called HAUNTED CANADA by Nadine Bailey and if your readers like ghost stories, hauntings and true crime then they should definitely check it out!

Are they family friendly or better for date nights?

They are really great for both. All the tours have been very popular as date nights and also for a family outing with the exception of the Haunted Pubs Tours.  I’ve also noticed over the years that we also get a lot of corporate team building events, girls night out, stagettes and group functions.  

What covid protocols are in place?

All COVID regulations have been lifted for outdoor events.  However, we still encourage social distancing, carry hand sanitizer and the tour guide uses a mic system. **this may have changed by the time this has been posted**

What is your favourite small business? (Aside from your own)

I love supporting other small businesses, especially in the Old Strathcona area including Blue’s on Whyte, O’Byrne’s, El Cortez, Next Act, Pip and Sugar & Spice Bakery.   Also, a big shout out to my website designer Yvette Cioran, owner of IM Solutions

What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable customer or client experience?

Doing tours on Whyte Avenue can always lead to many funny and weird events. But I think some of my memorable customers have been some very private and exclusive tours that I’ve done over the years for different singers, including a young pop star who was in town for a big concert and I also did a private tour for crew members of AC/DC.  
But honestly over the years truly the most memorable customers have been those customers that keep coming back multiple times-bringing their family and friends, and not just to one tour but they come on all of my different tours.  To me that is the most proudest moment knowing that they’ve had such a great time that they keep coming back and telling others.
Thank you to Nadine for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday.
Let me know in the comments which tour you would book first.

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