The Top Holiday Organization Apps

For moms the holidays are one of the busiest times of year. It means endless shopping, list building and constant phone calls between grandparents. It is a chaotic time and can be the reason why most moms feel more burnt out than jolly during Christmas. We know that feeling all too well here at Modern Mama and we thought it would be a great idea to share the top holiday organization apps to help you actually relax this Christmas.


This wondrous app makes gift buying so much easier, especially if you are trying to coordinate your kids gift lists with grandparents. This wonderful app will make those repeat presents a thing of the past making lists shareable between groups so you can always track who has already purchased what. Helping eliminate those last minute dashes to the store Christmas eve after finding out grandma had already bought the same gift for Suzy that you have.

The Christmas List

Similar to Giftry this great app helps you not only track people’s gifts, but your budget as well! Helping you stay on track and stay on budget during the time of year where many go into debt. Christmas doesn’t mean everything needs to be red, including that bank account. You can make everyone on your list happy without spending a whole lot and this app will help!

Santa’s Bag

This great FREE app is amazing for those who want to stay organized while still having a little fun. It lets you create lists, add friends and of course set budgets all with an amazing festive design. The best part is it also helps you stay on track of your time with its built in countdown to Christmas. Either helping you panic more or plan ahead a little bit better knowing just how many days you have left to buy or make everything you need to.

Secret Santa

Do you have too many secret Santa gifts to think about and are having a hard time trying to figure out what to get someone? Then the Secret Santa app is exactly what you need. Make Santa do all the guess work and use this app to randomly select the perfect gift idea for any Secret Santa on your list!

Quick Scan

All of the moms I talk to swear by apps that can quickly scan barcodes so they can price compare online and across other stores. Apps like Quick Scan are helping all of us moms find what we need for the cheapest price possible. There is no need to hard hunting or beating others to store openings for sales, you can now scan any item you see and quadruple check you are getting it at its cheapest price. Always buy on sale and never settle!

NORAD Track Santa

For those of us with little ones that are super excited for Christmas and who keep asking day in and day out: “when is Santa coming!?” NORAD Track Santa app is exactly what you need. This app not only keeps tabs on exactly where and what Santa is up to in real time, it also has tons of fun little games they can play and explore. Meaning you get about ten minutes where they aren’t asking if Santa is on his way. Or maybe just enough time to drink that coffee while it is still hot.

Armed with some of these apps on your phone you are guaranteed to conquer Christmas this year!

Do you use any useful organizational apps to get you through the holidays??

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