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easter nest


By: Carla Reid

The Easter Bunny’s visit is just around the corner! We like to bake something a few days before so we have small treats to share leading up to the big day. We have tried a few variety’s of chocolate nests but this recipe was a sure hit. Only a few ingredients and not too sugary (as we need to save ourselves for the big day!)

easter nest supplies

Here’s What You Need

Three simple ingredients will give you this delicious treat! Rice Krispies, mini chocolate eggs ( I used Walmart’s version – just as yummy and little less expensive!) and dark chocolate.

Get Started

We melted the dark chocolate in a large pot on low on the stove and stirred continuously. Once the chocolate became smooth we removed from the heat and my little one LOVED pouring in the Rice Krispies and stirring right in the pot!

easter nest2

Spoon Them

Once it was all mixed together we took a heaping spoon full and placed them in paper baking cups. We then took turns burrowing two yummy chocolate eggs in each “nest”. My younger two had a great time sorting the eggs in colours and counting as they placed them in each cup.

easter nest prep


We yielded approximately 40 “nests” as we kept them quite small for tiny hands and tummies! We placed them in the fridge for one hour and VOILA – YUMMY NESTS!!!

Now I just have to stay away from them!!


200 g dark chocolate, broken in pieces
4 cups of Rice Krispies
80 chocolate eggs

You will also need:

40 paper muffin cups

Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

Posted by Carla Reid


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