Academy of Music Offers Classes for Kids in Chilliwack


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The Chilliwack Academy of Music is a not-for-profit school founded in 1979 and is a federally registered charitable society. They offer students private lessons, group classes and outreach activities. They host student recitals, partner with organizations to promote music and administer scholarship and bursary funds. They offer a children’s choir, elementary pedagogy, flute choir, group guitar and ukulele, group guitar for youth, group ukulele for adults, guitar for adults, group ukulele for seniors, music theory and history, musical theatre and more.

Benefits of Taking Music Classes

  • Builds Confidence
  • Improves Academic Skills
  • Boosts Social Skills
  • Promotes Patience and Discipline
  • Encourages Creative Self-Expression
  • Improves Memory

2019-20 Schedule

Kids Group Guitar and Ukulele                   $150                     Tuesday (10 classes) 6pm-6:45pm

Youth Group Guitar                                     $190                     Thursday (10 classes) 6pm-645pm

Flute Choir                                                  $575                      Tuesday (36 classes) 7:15pm-8:15pm

Music Notes Choir                                      $180                       Monday (25 classes) 6pm-7pm

String Group                                               $250                       Wednesday (28 classes) 4pm-4:45pm

Rhythm Kids                                               $185                       Monday (10 classes) 3pm-4pm


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