Experiencing Goat Yoga at Maan Farms

** I was not given the class to review this Goat Yoga experience and is not a paid promotion. All opinions are my own**

Goat Yoga sign

I am always looking for a way to make exercising seem fun and when a friend had come across the event I was instantly intrigued. The class is located at Maan Farms Country Experience and Winery in Abbotsford. It is indoors and fits approximately 50 people. The class we attended had both men, women and children. We had about 15 minutes to set up our mats prior to class starting and take pictures of the goats. An employee comes around and places a handful of food for the goats at the front of all mats to encourage the goats to interact with you. He also came around with a pooper-scooper when necessary. I feel like we got very lucky and in our area there was little need to clean up. Some goats did have more of a farmyard smell to them though.

Goat eating food from floor

The class was run by Ashley Belluz. She had a great early 2000’s R&B playlist and joked throughout the whole class which definitely made it easier to focus on anything other than the pose you were trying to hold. As a beginner the whole class was do-able. Every position was offered a way to make it a bit harder for people that practice yoga and wanted a better work out. The goats roam the room during the class. They did wander eating the food or mats and in a few cases walked over participants in a non-aggressive but completely humorous manner. Must be an animal person to enjoy the experience.Woman petting goat

After the class we were given the opportunity to hang out with the goats. We could take pictures and pick them up with assistance from the staff. It gave everyone the opportunity to get their pictures taken without feeling focused on doing that during the class and not rushed afterwards. We were also given delicious strawberry tarts and chai tea. The only thing I would have liked is hand sanitizer or somewhere to wash hands prior to snacks but we took ours to go.

Woman holding goat
woman posing with a goat

If interested in attending a class please visit Maan Farm


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