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Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Giving Tuesday was born and incubated at the 92nd Street Y and its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact in New York City. Giving Tuesday is now an independent nonprofit and a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity

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This movement has inspired countless businesses to factor giving back as a major part of their brand. Here at Modern Mama, we would love to highlight this generosity by shining the spotlight on these exceptional companies. On the first Tuesday of every month, we will post a “Giving Tuesday” blog featuring a Canadian company that has made it their mission to give back. If you are a company that would like to be featured, or would like to nominate one, please contact me at

This month we are highlighting The Canadian Courage Project based out of Ontario. The Canadian Courage Project (“CCP”) was launched by two Sisters in May of 2020. The CCP’s goal is to empower young people to strive for social impact, push boundaries in the workplace, support youth facing homelessness, and offer services for one’s animal companions.


The Founders

The Canadian Courage Project (CCP) was founded by Shania, and her sister, Anya, after they noticed a gap in the healthcare system for youth facing homelessness and their animal companions. As youth themselves, they wanted to make an impact on young people and support them in ways that weren’t currently being done.

Shania is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Global Health at McMaster University, and Anya is finishing her final year of high school. In the last two years since starting CCP, the have built a team of more than 60 volunteers, supported a variety of shelters across Ontario, and launched workshops and mental health initiatives to teach youth in Ontario’s education system the importance of mental health.


What made you as a company want to give back?

In 2019, Anya was volunteering at a local animal shelter in Stouffville. During her time volunteering, she would see youth facing homelessness—often her own age—have to surrender their pets because they were no longer able to care for them. Knowing how important her pets were for her own mental health, she wanted to do something to give back. 

So, together we launched The Canadian Courage Project as a way to give back to our community and create positive change across Ontario.


How did you choose who to give to?

Amid the homelessness crisis that is prevalent in our community, we knew we wanted to support these individuals who are often left helpless. We noticed a gap in the system for youth in these precarious housing situations and wanted to work towards filling that gap and creating positive change.


What is your goal?

Our goal is to educate the community on the current homelessness crisis and showcase ways you can make a difference in your own city. Similarly, we are striving to support youth in precarious housing situations and assist them in their journey out of shelters and into independent housing.


How can we purchase your product?

Our products are available online at All proceeds from products go towards supporting youth facing homelessness and their animal companions!

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As an organization, we are moving towards supporting youth transitioning out of shelters and into independent housing by providing youth wellness kits filled with essential items. By supplying 1 kit for $30, 2 kits for $60, or 5 kits for $150, you can be a part of the change and help support us promote resiliency, empowerment, and relief for youth facing structural vulnerabilities and their animal companions.

Although we are unable to provide a donation receipt, 100% of your donation goes towards our cause and will help us reach our goal of mental health and wellbeing for all. We thank you for your generosity and support!

courage courage courage

Impact so far…

1000+ Care Kits to youth transitioning out of shelters and their animal companions

100+ Youth in shelters attended art and mindfulness workshop

74000+ Youth attended the in-class Changemaker workshop 

Mindfulness & Art Workshop

We are excited to introduce our Mindfulness & Art Workshop, offered to youth under the age of 18 currently residing in shelters across Ontario. Research has shown the positive impact art and specifically painting can have on lowering ones stress.

  • Guided art workshop, starting with 10 minutes of mindfulness at the very beginning.

  • Offers youth the opportunity to get creative and focus on mindfulness.

  • We provide all of the supplies needed, in the care kits for the specific workshop.


Our workshop utilizes a research based youth-to-youth approach and resources on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through our workshop, students will have the unique opportunity to engage with a research based quiz that pairs them with a personalized group of Sustainable Development Goals and associated careers. It is our hope that students will leave our workshop with the knowledge and confidence to see the interconnectivity of the Sustainable Development Goals in every line of work and where they can make a difference beginning in their own communities.



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