Karma Floats at Luna Float in Chilliwak

We attended May’s Karma Float at Luna Float and paid a discounted rate for two floats. All opinions listed are our own.


Luna Float is a Float Therapy Wellness Centre located in Chilliwack, BC. They house four spacious sensory deprivation tanks. The benefits to floating include: stress relief, shortens recovery time for muscle pain, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure and deepens meditation, just to name a few. Once a month Luna Float offers karma floats which are a pay what you can to float. There is no minimum but a suggested fee would be $20-40 per float. Check out their Facebook or Instagram to find out about the next karma float. They are generally offered once a month.  They also offer several different packages and monthly memberships starting at $49.

My Experience

The karma float for May came at the perfect time as we had just finished moving, which was an extremely stressful experience. I had previously tried floating once and was looking forward to trying it again. You can read about my first experience here. Now that I knew what to expect I leaned into the experience a bit more. Last time I was a bit paranoid about not hearing the music that signifies the float being over so I asked that the music be turned up a bit louder than normal. I closed the tank door to help keep the warmth in and brought in a floating light orb to keep some light in the tank. I opted to have the main light off but you can leave a light on the whole time. I was really sore from moving and wanted to sleep. Once inside the tank and fully relaxed, my body kept cracking every time I moved. I had a burst of energy and took full advantage of being able to stretch my body out. My burst of energy felt like it lasted about thirty minute but measuring time in a float tank can be a bit challenging. One of the advantages of floating is meditation so I tired to calm my brain and check in with myself. I did a mental check of unnecessary things that I could let go of and see if there anything that I needed to hear or messages that I could let in. This must have helped me relax so much that I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the music playing letting me know that the 90 minutes has passed. I woke up a bit disoriented in the way that you are when the alarm goes off in the morning and you want to sleep more. It was one of the deepest, most relaxed sleeping experiences I have had in a long time. I could have easily had another 90 minutes session. Napping in a float tank for me is similar to the feeling you get when leaving a spa after a massage. Last time I felt like I had to rush to shower for the next person to come in to float and left a lot of salt on my skin. This time I decided to take my time and let reality slowly sink back in. After my shower, I took advantage of the complimentary q-tips and lotions that are supplied. We also had the option to have tea and sit in the lounge before leaving.

My Daughter’s Experience (written by Ireland)

My mom surprised me with a float to kick-off my birthday weekend. It was my first time trying a floatation tank so I was a little unsure of what to expect. I felt like 90 minutes was going to be a long time to lay in the tank with nothing to do except float. I really liked that the inside of the location was really cute. I liked that they had salt lamps everywhere and had really nice artwork. Nina, the owner, gave us a tour and explained to me what to do once I was in my own room and how everything worked. In each room they have a chair and table so that you can put your belongings there. They have earplugs and lotion to put on if you have cuts. Before hoping into the tank you have a shower. When I got into the tank the first thing I noticed was that the water smelled a bit strange, which was the Epsom salts. There is approximately 1100 pounds of Epsom salts in each tank. We have the option of using this halo shaped device that is supposed to help keep your head aligned but I preferred floating without it. I left the lights on inside the tank and left the door open. I kept thinking my time was up but it wasn’t. I tried to relax but I kept overthinking it and couldn’t quiet my thoughts. I wanted to fall asleep but couldn’t relax enough. Once I actually heard the music when my time was up it was nice and loud. After getting out I had a shower and rushed a bit because I thought forsure that my Mom would be waiting for me but she didn’t come out until 5 minutes after I was done. After I was done I went to the table of supplies outside of my room and took advantage of the big mirror to fix my hair. Overall I did find that 90 minutes felt like a long time but I would like to try it again now that I know what to expect to see if my experience is different.

Let me know on Facebook or Instagram if you have tried floating and if your experience was different than yours?

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