**Disclaimer – I was gifted some products from Latootha”

A Bit About Latootha

Latootha Molheiress was born in Canada and lives next door to it’s brothers – Premolar Timouthy and Molar Moe. Latootha also has a sister, Molly Molar, whom she often butts heads with. Latootha’s favourite hobby is getting twice daily massages.

Latootha was created by, Danielle, a dental professional from Edmonton, who is also a new mom to a baby girl. Danielle came up with the idea for Latootha because she struggled to find a website where she could purchase cute dental related gifts for her staff. She wanted to create a website that sells a variety of adorable dental related products that can help make oral home care more fun for every age!



Latootha, an adorable molar tooth, created a website that features all things dental. You can check her out at here! Latootha’s website also features Latootha Baby (a baby tooth), who sells oral care products for all ages, and Latootha Fairy (an adorable Tooth Fairy) who sells all Tooth Fairy Related products.

Latootha Baby

Latootha Baby loves finding oral care products for children of all ages. On her website, you will find various natural dental products. You will find teethers, teething gels, natural toothpastes, and tooth brushes. Why not make an important task more fun for that adorable little one in your life?


Latootha Fairy

Latootha Fairy sells all things Tooth Fairy. You can find fairy dolls, pillows, tooth teepees, and many other products! All of these products can make losing a tooth more fun and easier for the tooth fairy to find that lost tooth and provide the child with a reward.

Alberta Dental Foundation

At Latootha, they are passionate about all Canadians having access to dental care. They donate 15% from sales to The Alberta Dental Foundation, a new charitable organization dedicated to improving access to dental care to underserved and lower-income Albertans. To learn more about Alberta Dental Foundation, check out the link above.

Danielle has been kind enough to offer a discount for us! If you want to shop for some incredible dental products for your families dental needs, visit her website here and use discount code modernmama15 to get 15% off your purchase!


My daughter absolutely loves her tooth brush from Latootha, whenever she sees us brushing our teeth, she always asks for her toothbrush so she can brush hers too! What I love about the silicone toddlers toothbrush is that it has a stopper on the handle so it protects your little ones from putting the tooth brush too far down their throat, and you can remove the stopper for ease of cleaning! The first tooth brush is also a hit with me because, again, it is designed with infants safety in mind! It has a nice big ring handle for your little ones tiny fingers to hold onto, but it is not a choking hazard.

I love the fact that there are products for every age group, and I cannot wait to try out the Tooth Fairy pillow when my daughter loses her first tooth! This is a great way to be able to exchange those teeth for whatever reward your children get from the Tooth Fairy!

As mentioned above, check out her website to see all of the great products Latootha has to offer! You can also find Latootha on Facebook here and don’t forget to like Latootha on Instagram here.

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