A Nesting Mama’s Checklist


When you start to hit the tail end of your 2nd trimester most, especially myself, find themselves flying around trying to get everything perfect for when baby arrives. For first time moms this is especially true, there is so much to do and it is hard to figure out where to even begin. So, in order to help you figure out what needs to be done we have created a nesting Mama’s checklist. Perfect for helping you see exactly what needs to be done before baby arrives. We have even created a FREE printable for you so you can read along and write it all down!

Setting Up Baby’s Room
One of the most fun tasks when it comes to getting ready for baby is getting their room or space set up. Picking out fun colors, creating themes and picking out the perfect room accessories. This is also one of the first things you want to start doing, once their space is set up you can then begin filling it with everything they need and figuring out furniture pieces. But remember, don’t go overboard your child is going to keep growing and you’ll want to continuously update their room and so will they. Always decorate with the ability to adapt with their growth later on.

Baby Gear
When it comes to baby gear all moms want to minimize costs but we usually all spend the most on gear items. So if you are going to splurge make sure it is on items that will grow up with them rather than the items solely for a new babies of a young age. A year isn’t a very long time so you’ll want to spend wisely. Getting an expensive stroller is a great idea for many reasons but make sure, if you are spending the big bucks, this investment piece will work for more that just the first year of life.

The same rule should be applied to everything you buy especially furniture. Spending a good chunk of money on quality furniture pieces is a great idea, as long as they are timeless. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on all themed furniture you will want to change in two years time. Getting pieces they can grow with, that are easily cleaned, is essential.

Baby Essentials
When it comes to baby items you don’t want to commit to too many things before the baby arrives. The bottles you get might not work for your baby, same goes for any formula you buy in advance, diapers or baby wipes. Everyone’s personal preferences are different and that includes your baby. Buy what you need to start off and be prepared to change things up a bit once baby comes home. This rules also applies to clothing, don’t just focus on one size for your new baby. They grow so fast and sometimes are born fitting sizes over 0 months so don’t commit to one size and buy the really cute outfits once baby arrives to ensure the best fit!

What About Mama?
The number one thing many mothers always seem to forget about prepping for is themselves. Yes they are ready for the before baby and after baby comes but what about the thing you need the most once you come home? Food. So many mothers forget to think about preparing meals for after baby arrives. Preparing lactation focused food items can be a great help after delivery for helping to bring in your milk supply! Another great idea are freezer meals for the whole family and for yourself to snack on. After you bring baby home and with all the sleep schedule juggling you will rarely be left with any energy to want to cook and prepare meals.

Baby Proofing
Baby proofing is one of the last things you will want to do. For each different stage there is a different set of baby proofing steps you will need to take. Each couple months you will need to re-evaluate and add more proofing around your home usually adjusting because of height: from crawling to walking, to climbing. Something you might want to do is bring in an expert who will baby proof your whole house for you while you have your feet up, relaxing before baby comes. Now the reason I always say leave this one to last is because with all the stress of trying to set the house up and get everything you need sometimes you just run out of time. So don’t stress if you can’t get it all done – baby proofing can always be done once you get baby home. It takes a little while before they start to move around on their own, you have time to breathe.

We hope that we have helped you figure out what is important for your family to focus on before baby arrives. Make sure to prepare without stress and a heart filled with love; happy nesting ladies!

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