How Does She Do It?….With Kaylynne Mateus

Kaylynne Mateus

Twice a month we interview Mom’s in our “How Does She Do It?” feature. If interested in participating please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

This week’s How Does She Do It? mama is Kaylynne Mateus! Kaylynne is a busy mama of 3, dietitian, and wellness coach.

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Kaylynne Mateus

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I’m a rural mama! We recently moved to rural Alberta, west of Edmonton at the end of 2019 after spending almost 10 years living in the Northwest Territories.  Even though we’re about 15 minutes from the closest town now, it still very much feels urban compared to where we were!

Tell us about your children?

I have three kids. Max is 6. He is definitely the most sensitive of the three. He takes his role as big brother very seriously and is incredibly nurturing towards his siblings.  Noah is my wild middle child. He’s almost 4 and full of sass. He has an impressive ability to remember things you’ve said and use them against you when he wants something. He makes us laugh and gives us wrinkles all at once.  Hattie is our youngest. She’ll be 1 in July and we love seeing her personality shine through a bit more each day. She is into everything and stops at nothing to get what she wants. A trait I hope will serve her well as an adult.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

I feel like my days vary so much! I’m currently on maternity leave so I am home with the kiddos. My oldest is only in school part time since he’s still in Kindergarten.  The one constant is my morning routine. I try to get up before the kids to get my me time each day. I drink my “liquid lightning” to wake me up, do a quick 10 minute meditation, read 10 pages of a personal growth book and hit play on a workout. If I have time, I’ll also do some journaling.  Starting my day with something just for me makes me more patient and present with my kids the rest of the day.  Mornings are usually pretty busy with getting kids ready for the day and cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Is it just me or is anyone else always. Cleaning. The. Kitchen?

I have a virtual wellness and nutrition coaching business that I’ve continued to run while on maternity leave; so, while the kids play, I try to squeeze in 15-30 minutes of work here and there throughout the morning. Sometimes this works, sometimes not so much. I’ll check in with clients, post to our online community and to my social media pages.

After lunch we’re almost always either outside playing, head into town to a playground or to run errands. Lately we’ve been sticking closer to home but many days I need the change of scenery by the time lunch rolls around. It helps break up the day for the kids too!

After the kids go to bed, I spend a few hours building my business and coaching my clients, sometimes from my cell phone in the hot tub and almost always while eating a healthy chocolate mug cake. I have a major sweet tooth!

Do you have help?

Yes and no. My husband works away on a 3 week in / 3 week out rotation. So when he is away, I’m flying solo since we don’t have any family nearby.  When he’s home, he’s not working full time so he obviously helps. Our routines can look a lot different when he’s home vs away so there is always an adjustment period. He does all the cooking when he is home…even as a Registered Dietitian and a big fan of food, cooking is definitely not my favourite.

Who cooks dinner?

Hubby does when he’s home!

How often do you buy something just for you?

Not very often to be honest! It’s usually a favourite grocery item that only I like or new workout clothes when I do! Although I do often treat myself to fancy coffee when I’m out and about which always feels like a treat. Its the little luxuries!

Kaylynne Mateus

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

Yes! My workouts are my therapy, particularly over the past year. I have a background as national team athlete so its been a part of my life for a long time. In my 20s, I got diagnosed with ah heart condition and got a pacemaker so I had to “retire” from competitive sport. It took a few years of feeling totally lost and a lot of advocacy to finally get back into a healthy routine where I was allowed to workout and made the time for it. So I definitely don’t take the ability to move my body every day for granted!

The easiest way for me to fit it into my day is to do it first thing! I try to wake up before my kids to do it uninterrupted when I can. But with a baby who is still up multiple times throughout the night, that doesn’t always happen.  My boys have learned over time that mom works out in the mornings. They play or watch a show while I get it in. Sometimes they’ll join me too depending on what I’m doing! They love doing yoga together and “using” my resistance loops.

I’m a huge believer that the best workout is one you ENJOY. So sometimes if I’m really not feeling a traditional workout, I make sure I’m intentionally moving my body extra throughout the day. That might be a walk with the dogs, playing outside with the kids, or even a kitchen dance party with the family.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

I LOVE hand me downs! Specially for baby clothes since they grow out of it so quickly. When I’m buying new, I usually shop at Carters / Oshkosh, Old Navy, or try to buy local when I can. My boys wear-through and stain clothing before they outgrow it so the intersection of quality and affordability is key for me. I’m not personally super into fashion so I stick to basic staples with a few superhero shirts thrown in because the boys insist!

Three things in my purse right now are…

I don’t have a purse! Only a diaper bag. I’ve got a mini first aid kit, a few packets of the superfood shake I drink daily incase I get hungry on the go, and a portable cell phone charger because my phone is ALWAYS dying at the most inconvenient times.

My favourite drugstore buy is?

I’m not a big shopper and not really into make-up so I usually stick to the essentials at the drug store. I do usually buy the Calm magnesium  powder at the drug store. I like adding it to water to give it some flavour so I drink more and as a way to wind down before bed. I also recently bought a Wet Brush at the drug store and it’s been the best purchase of 2021 for me so far!

My guilty pleasure is?

Really bad TV. I love crappy reality tv more than I should admit haha. Also alone time. This one is not too guilty, but I recharge when I have alone time so I need to prioritize it. Being alone after the kids go to bed is usually enough but sometimes I need to ditch the kids and spend some solo time running errands, going for a run, reading in a coffee shop or just going for a drive.


Thank you, Kaylynne, for participating in How Does She Do It!

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