Small Business Sunday with… Folia Mom


Small business Sunday is a chance for Modern Mama to help promote small businesses, many of which are local.  It is an opportunity to help highlight and feature their incredible services and products to our Modern Mama audience.

This week we are talking with Tish Giannakopoulos, founder of Folia Mom. Folia Mom makes handcrafted natural and organic essentials for your journey through pregnancy and postpartum. 


How did you get the idea for your business?

I worked in the tech industry as an economist for 8 years.  Once I had my 4 children, all within 4 years, I made a hard left and followed my heart to the work of a doula.  After guiding many women through their postpartum journey, I was amazed at the mish-mash of products available to women, and frankly, they were all kind of yucky in ingredients.  I set off to fix this. I started making postpartum products for my doula clients, as a way to help manage their recovery from birth. Recognizing a need for specific pregnancy and postpartum products dedicated towards healing mothers, I went to work. After years of experimenting with different cultures’ birthing remedies + centuries-old natural soothing ingredients, Folia Mom was born. I will forever be grateful to all of my birthing clients, friends and family for trusting me to use all sorts of concoctions on their vaginas throughout the years.  The funny thing is, I prepared for my own first birth by purchasing a package of Always pads – that’s it!




How did you come up with the name for your business?

I am of Greek culture and Folia mean ‘nest’ in Greek.  I wanted a logo that resembled a nest but it had to be kind of messy but also beautiful. 

Messy. Beautiful. Motherhood.


What products do you offer?

I offer a line of Pregnancy Essentials to pamper the mother as she traverses her journey through motherhood, infusing into her life, a sense of calm and connection to herself and her growing baby.  The real star of the show is the Postpartum Line with our innovative Soothing Perineal Foam and Sitz Bombs with a disposable (you’re welcome!) sitz bath PLUS the only thing a new mama has to do is add pads! Do not be like me and go the journey with just a single a package of Always!



Where are you located and how can our readers find you? 

Folia Mom is located in Calgary, Alberta.  All of the products are 100% manufactured in Calgary by a team of women, just like us and this could be the one thing I am most proud about.





Do you ship your products?

Absolutely.  Canada-wide.  We are a Canadian Brand for Canadian Parents.



What makes your business perfect for our modern mama’s?

Folia Mom was created specifically for today’s Modern Mama’s by focusing on what is important and necessary in our time. Every single woman deserves to be supported, nurtured and empowered in her birth journey and recovery. We are proud that all of our products are:



Sustainably Sourced

No Animal Testing



FIRST TESTED on ourselves + our babies

NO yucky ingredients
NO colourants
NO synthetics
NO fillers
NO sneakiness



Folia Mom is offering our Modern Mama followers an exclusive discount. On the website when you are ready to check out, enter coupon code “MODERNMAMA20” to get 20% off! 


Thank you to Tish Giannakopoulos for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday and for the discount code. If you are a business owner in the Calgary area that would be interested in participating in our feature, please email

Disclosure – I did receive compensation for this post. I will always give honest opinions and all my reviews and opinions are my own. 

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