Pregnancy Guide 2017

Pregnancy guide 2017 Modern Mama

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Whether it’s your first, second, third or more time being pregnant, we know that having resources at your fingertips is key. This is why we have curated, created and collected some must-know essential articles around pregnancy, all in one complete guide here. We talk about hospital bag lists, to names, to things you should to do cherish this moment.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating this for you.

Pregnancy Guide from Modern Mama 2017


10 Things Recommended For All Pregnant Women To Do

A top ten list of things to try and do while pregnant, before the baby comes. Some are fun, some are heard often, and some are meant to cherish this memorable time.

What’s In A Name? Finding The Best Baby Names

Stuck on finding a name for baby-to-be? We have rounded up some helpful tips to get the brainstorming process underway.

Everything You Need To Pack Your Hospital Bag

Don’t worry about coming up with the list, we have one already ready for you. Use this as a checklist to prepare for the hospital stay.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Wanting to find out the gender in a fun and unique way? We drummed up some ideas that are cute, fun, and a play on the traditional ideas.

5 Must-Have Maternity Pieces

Basics that will keep you covered on all trimesters. These must-haves will make your maternity wardrobe woes disappear.

Nursery Must-Haves

No need to wonder what you will need, we have a must-haves list of all the baby items your nursery needs and why.

Pregnant With Your Second Or Third? How to Prepare

Growing a family is a wonderful phase that comes with just a tad preparation…here are some helpful tips when preparing for a newborn while taking care of young ones.

5 Tips for Surviving The First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy can come with a slew of symptoms, we have a survival guide to make it through these first few months

Surviving Pregnancy With A Toddler

Do you already have a toddler? Are you pregnant and wondering just how you will manage it all – this article is for you mama.

Locally Focused Articles

We also have a collection of articles from our Modern Mamas across the country, some pertaining to specific areas – take a look!

Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy & Beyond

Learn all about acupuncture in pregnancy from a renowned expert in Winnipeg, discussing its role in the many stages of pregnancy (pre and post).

Great Spots To Take Maternity Pictures in Vancouver

Maternity pictures are so beautiful, and if you are on the West Coast, we have rounded up some really breathtaking photo backdrops.

Nobody Warned Me About That!

Read this well thought out article, by a doula, who lists all the things women learn about after pregnancy. Knowing all this up front will allow you to prepare for those uncommonly talked about things you wish moms would’ve told you about.

Prenatal Fitness – Momentum Health & Wellness

We talk about the benefits and must-knows surrounding prenatal fitness, written by the experts at Momentum Health and Wellness in Edmonton.

Fraser Valley Maternity Fashion Shopping Options

If you are pregnant in the Fraser Valley region, these ideas will help you in your pregnancy wardrobe for sure!

What is a Doula? And Why You Definitely Want One

Learn about what a doula does and how it can be helpful during the birthing process. Advice provided by experts in Winnipeg.



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