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Who is Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness?

Jo is the founder of Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness; she helps women gain clarity, confidence, and consistency so they remove obstacles to create loving relationships with their food and body. As a mom of two busy kids and a multi-entrepreneur, Joanna works in collaboration with busy moms to regain strength and confidence, and finally, stop being at war with their body with a no BS approach for busy mama’s.

She holds a Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation & Health Studies Degree. She is a Certified Holistic Nutrition & Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. Also holder her designations as a Certified Natural Weight-loss & Wellness Coach, Raw Food Chef, Accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner & Professional Life Coach, and holds a Rehabilitation Practitioner & Mindful Eating Diploma. Joanna is a National Best-Selling Author, and she has been featured on multiple radio stations and Podcasts, and her health & wellness work has been published in over a dozen magazines across North America.

As one of Edmonton’s Top 40 under 40 women, a leading whole-living educator and health expert, she has a full resume of experience to share with her clients and a mission to see all women end the war with food and deeply fall in love with their body.

If you would like to check out more about Jo and Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness, be sure to check out her website here. You can also connect with Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness on Facebook here or Instagram here. If you would like to speak with Jo at Rejoice Nutrition and Wellness, you can contact her at 780-340-0496.

Rejoice Nutrition

My Nutrition and Wellness Journey So Far

If you are an avid follower of my social media accounts, you may have noticed me talking about my nutrition journey with a company called Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness.

I was recently diagnosed with a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is a skin condition of unknown origin, that causes extremely painful lesions that can sometimes require surgical removal. There is no known cure for HS, actually, there is not too much known about this condition. After I had done some digging and research into HS, I found out that some people get relief by changing their diet, so I reached out to Joanna from Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness.

Once we decided to partner together on a 6-month plan, Jo and I had an hour-long conversation with her asking me a ton of questions about my health and symptoms I suffer from. After answering all of her questions, she was able to identify the 3 hardest hit systems in my body (along with keeping my diagnosis of HS in mind).

My adrenal system (which is the system that produces hormones and helps you regulate your metabolism, blood pressure, response to stress, and a number of other functions)  is the hardest hit system in my body, causing me to be extremely fatigued – ALL THE TIME, as well as many other issues.

Along with my adrenals being in pretty rough shape, my digestive system and intestinal system are the other areas that need a lot of work. It was a no brainer on my end that I needed some major help and that I could not do this journey on my own. So, off to the drawing board it was for Joanna, and within a couple of days I received my first meal plan and I began March 1, 2021.

I know this is not going to be an easy journey on my part, and I will likely have days where I don’t stick to my meal plan 100%, but not only am I learning how to nourish my body properly, Joanna is also helping me learn how to have grace and acceptance with who I am and the struggles I have gone through.

I am now 10 days into the first month, and let me tell you, the struggles have hit me at every turn. The first week I got really sick, thinking I was suffering from kidney stones. I was in a ton of pain and very nauseous – Joanna was so adaptable and changed up my second week plan to include some foods that would be lighter and easier on the tummy.

I love the fact that Jo takes the time to learn as much about her clients as she possibly can in order to give them the best chance for success on their health and wellness journey. I am so grateful to have the wealth of knowledge that Jo provides and I am so unbelievably grateful to be able to work with Jo over the next 6 months, and share my progress with everyone – so be sure to follow along my social media pages, specifically my Instagram for weekly updates as I walk this journey!

Also, be sure to check back here monthly, as Joanna is going to be doing a couple of great series for us over the next 6 months – with the first installment happening on March 15!

Thank you so much, Joanna, for sharing about Rejoice Health & Wellness, and taking this walk to a better me with me!

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