Small Business Sunday with Little Nursing Co.

Little Nursing Co

With the second wave of COVID-19 upon us, I have decided to bring back Small Business Sundays! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we need to support them however we can.

Little Nursing Co

Little Nursing Co is owned by two amazing women who love using a holistic approach to help you (and your new bundle of joy) meet your sleep and feeding goals! Little Nursing Co. provides their services to moms (and families) in the Edmonton Area – and they come to you to help you one-on-one.

What is Unique About Your Business or What Made You Choose This Type of Business?

We are a female run business. Both of us are Registered Nurses and Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s). Mychelle is also a holistic sleep coach! What makes our business unique is that we come to you! 98% of our clients see us in their home; the other 2% are virtual. Clients, especially new families, want the convenience of staying at home instead of packing up a baby and leaving the house.

Our specialty is breastfeeding concerns, but we also help support families who choose other forms of infant feeding such as bottle feeding, exclusively pumping, and exclusively formula fed. 

Issues commonly seen are low milk supply, helping with latch and trying different nursing positions, infant weight loss or slow to gain, painful latch for mom, clicking sounds with breast or bottle feeding, fussiness, and increased spit up with baby.

We have special training in assessing tethered oral tissues (AKA tongue ties). We have met wonderful professionals in the city that we can recommend. Not only can we assess and give recommendations, but we also have a wealth of knowledge about oral exercises to help strengthen your baby’s mouth. We also recognize babies who might benefit from additional care such as from a chiropractor, cranial sacral therapist, physiotherapist, myofascial therapist, etc. We have many excellent practitioners all over Edmonton who specialize in infant care.

What is Your Favourite Small Business (aside from your own)?

Favourite small businesses would be Milkbud Lactation and Prenatal! We believe the world needs more IBCLC’s and, in general, women supporting women!! Sheena is also special to us as she is a co-worker of ours at the hospital. She is super smart, witty, and so caring.

If You Had One Piece of Advice to Someone Just Starting Out, What Would it Be?

Surround yourself with supportive people. Educate yourself with lots of courses and conferences. Ask fellow IBCLC’s for help and guidance; don’t be afraid to ask questions . And a good set of winter tires for all the driving between home visits! Okay, that’s more than one 🙂

Little Nursing Co

What Are Your Long-Term Business Goals?

Long-term business goals are to own a clinic space! Including a cafe! 9because we love coffee and for mother to meet). A welcoming, safe place for their kids to play. Breastfeeding friendly, of course, but also a non-judgmental environment for those bottle feeders and/or pumping individuals. Currently, home visits are a higher price due to fuel and driving time – if we have a clinic space, prices could be lowered and we could offer prenatal visits (reviewing family history and health concerns that may affect breastfeeding success_ and prenatal education focused on infant feeding. Possibly host full prenatal classes with information covering labour and delivery and postpartum. The main focus being on support to all families! 

What is Your Funniest/Weirdest/Most Memorable Experience With a Customer or Client?

Well, it’s gotta be the many time we have been pooped and peed on!! But we are okay with it because it’s just baby poop/pee! And, we are nurses! We have seen a lot and can stomach a lot!


If you want to learn more about Little Nursing Co, or if you are pregnant and want to hire them be sure to check out their website. You can also reach out to them through their social media, Facebook and Instagram.

I want to thank Melissa and Mychelle for sharing more information about Little Nursing Co. for Small Business Sunday!

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