5 Binge Worthy Podcasts To Listen To This September

I don’t know about you but I feel like I have streamed it all in the 18 months and I am bored with watching things on TV. I love that podcasts provide entertainment and depending on what you are listening to they can be very educational. Unlike streaming a show on your phone that you visually have to watch sometimes to ensure that you are not going to miss something, I love that podcasts feel more transportable. Can listen while working out, cleaning the house, in a bath or laying in bed.

Mom Camp Podcast  


IG: @momcamplife

Gillian Behnke hosts an annual retreat Mom Camp in Squamish, BC annually. She tries to help moms and women find their community, connection and support. The podcast brings amazing stories aimed at inspiring, motivate and educate you. Topics can include health, motivate and more!

Self Made Mamas Podcast


IG: @selfmademama_

Melissa Rodgers is a business maven dedicated to helping women and Mom’s have the tools to succeed in business. The podcast is here to show busy moms how to start and grow an incredible online business that allows you to live life on your own terms- without all the tone deaf “girl boss” advice that completely ignores the practical responsibilities and mental load you’re already carrying. She also is an online business coach and has a Facebook group.

What Day Is It? Podcast


IG: @whatdayisitpodcast

This is a digital version of happy hour with your besties. On this podcast Bailey Stanworth and Jacci Rai cover every girl problem, life struggle and business reality there is. Get ready to cheers and celebrate the inspirational and relatable AF stories from girls (and gents) who may or may not have it all together.

Unfiltered Podcast


IG: @unfilteredwithally

Ally Pintucci is an agency owner and professional photographer. Her podcast has important and unfiltered conversations that you should be having with your best friends. From being an entrepreneur to dating (fails), spirituality, sex, and everything in-between – nothing is off the table here.

Filled Up Cup Podcast


IG: @filledupcup_

Former Modern Mama Fraser Valley and Vancouver city editor, Ashley Cau has started recently launched the Filled Up Cup podcast. She took a pivot from blogging about family outings to focusing on self-care, mental health, getting out of your comfort zone and traveling the world (when safely to do so). Come laugh, get inspired and find out about the newest self-care trends to help fill up your cup.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite podcasts to listen to are?

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