Baby Shower Shopping on a Budget at Once Upon A Child

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Once Upon A Child is a local consignment store with multiple locations throughout the Fraser Valley. OUAC buys gently used children’s clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear and pays cash on the spot. For a list of all the items that they purchase click here (link to OUAC website). They also offer a rewards program where you can earn points every time you shop or sell gently used children’s items. My daughter’s favourite store Plato’s closet is an adult consignment store located in the same complex.

I recently visited the Abbotsford location while picking out a gift for a friend. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child that I liked the idea of everything being new. Looking back I never realized how much of a waste of money that was and how little use most baby items really get so I love the idea of buying used. For $100 I could buy several used items vs new
item. At OUAC you can purchase brand new items as well as gently used items. They also offer gift certificates.

Below are my 10 Baby-Must Have’s that you can get at Once Upon A Child:

Cute Name Brand Clothing

For clothing I recommend ignoring the newborn section unless shopping for a preemie. Most people tend to go for the super small which is cute but most children grow so quickly that I would buy seasonally appropriate clothing for 6-9 months and above. 


Stroller/ Stroller Toys

I would practice in the store, if possible, to see if you can easily open and close the stroller. Imagine it is raining and you have a screaming baby and 15 minutes to get somewhere can you close that stroller one handed without having to put everything down and pick it up to pop it into the car, house, bus or wherever it needs to go without feeling like you are going to break your arm? Storage is also super important if it is going to be used for long walks or vacations. I also liked when you could easily clip toys to the sides so that baby could be entertained but you weren’t having to search for them when baby tries to toss them.

Baby Bathtub

You want to find something clean and standard size to fit most sinks. I feel like when gift shopping that this item is overlooked. Is also relatively inexpensive that paired with a baby bath set with shampoos or lotions can be a very thoughtful gift. 

Highchair/ Bibs/ Feeding Accessories

For what you would spend on most new high chairs you could score a used high chair, and new bib, bowls, cups and spoons from Once Upon A Child. When buying a high chair you want to look for tray tables that are easy to get on and off. Again picture that tray painted in food that you do not want on you so you will want to remove with ease in a way that won’t leave you covered in leftovers. 


I absolutely love giving books as gifts. I think there is something really special about being able to share characters we enjoyed as children with the next generation. Some of my favourite memories with my daughter is curled up together reading. Whether it was a board book, paperback or a chapter book series to grow into OUAC had a variety. 

Baby Proofing Accessories

Whether you are looking for door knob covers or locks for the cabinet doors they have you covered. I personally found that I struggled at times to open the child proof locks effortlessly and found that at times they could be a pain but the peace of mind once you have a curious toddler is definitely worth it.

Swing or Baby Chair

These are fantastic for when you need to go to the bathroom or finally fit that shower in as a brand new mom. I still have cute movies of my daughter sitting in her Fisher Price Chair having deep conversations with the animals that hung above her head. We had the battery version of the chair and my daughter didn’t like when her chair vibrated but if she had I would have liked a version I could plug into the wall vs battery operated. If ever buying a gift that requires batteries always spring for the big pack of them because without fail new parents always seem to run out of things at 3am when there is no option to run out to replace. 


These little chairs are great for strengthening the baby’s back and neck muscles. These are also fantastic when you need to have a shower and want to pop the baby in the bathroom.

Crib Toys/ Monitors

I feel like you either love these or don’t. Some people feel like they can be scary for the baby or overstimulate when you are trying to get ready for bed. If you are pro-monitors and crib toys they offer a variety of different styles and price points.


Feel like the mom you are buying for already has everything?! Potty’s can be a great gift for the parents to have on hand for when the time is right. I thought this mini-toilet was the cutest. My daughter wasn’t a fan of the seats that you could pop right on top of the toilet as when she moved it would shift and she felt like she was going to fall. This gift would be paired great with an “Everybody Poops” or similar potty training book for baby.







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