Small Business Sunday with Labour Day Prenatals


This is still such a challenging time for small businesses. We love supporting and showcasing local and small business especially female owned. If you or someone you know, would like to be featured please email

This week we are talking with Ashley and Bea, as well as the other ladies, of Labour Day Prenatals. As Registered nurses, and with a goal of supporting you through pregnancy and beyond, they provide evidence based education in prenatal and postnatal care, including breastfeeding support, nutrition and massage. They are based out of Sherwood Park, but can provide online classes anywhere that works for you as well.


How did you get the idea for your business?

As Registered Nurses in Labour and Delivery, we used to see the LARGE, impersonal prenatal class groups be toured around the hospital. We would see the couples in the far back looking around, not being able to hear the instructor, asking their partner questions, and seeing their shoulders shrug, and watch their mouths say “I don’t know”. From this came the idea for Labour Day Prenatals. We wanted to create a prenatal class program to be proud of! We feel that becoming educated about all the available options is the best preparation! We also know that pregnancy is not one size fits all, so we aim to support the whole person with not only comprehensive and supportive prenatal classes, but also through our other services like breastfeeding support, postpartum care sessions, massage, nutrition sessions, and child and infant CPR!


How did you come up with the name for your business?

Picking a name for your business is HARD! We have been asked this in the past, and usually we smile, laugh and shrug our shoulders! We threw out tons of names into the universe that just didn’t stick. Either one of us hated it, or both of us, or the name was already taken. But, once Labour Day was in the mix, we liked the play on words and liked the fact that LDP is also a play on labour, delivery and postpartum! 


What kind of services do you offer?

We not only provide private in-home prenatal classes, but also private and small group online prenatal classes. Our hope is to offer in-person small group classes in the near future. Not only do we provide prenatal education, but over the years we have added to our service offerings! We have in-home postpartum support from our postpartum Registered Nurse, in-home breastfeeding support from our Registered Nurse and IBCLC (certified lactation consultant), in-home prenatal and postpartum massage from our Registered Massage Therapist, and nutrition session from our Registered Dietician. We also offer peanut birth ball rentals and antenatal hand expression kits for purchase.

labourHow can our readers find you?

We can be found many ways! You can go to our website, email us at, find us on Instagram @labourdayprenatals or on Facebook!


What makes your business perfect for our modern mama’s?

We tailor each class to YOU, and focus on what YOU and your partner need. We are a one stop shop for your pregnancy and postpartum needs! AND we come to you, whether that in in-home or online! Life is busy, having a baby can be hard to navigate if you do not know what resources are available to you. We are here for our clients from beginning to end, through calls, texts, or email support. Put your trust in our qualified TEAM of professionals, and we will help support you throughout pregnancy and beyond!

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